Stacy Adams Hats

Men's hats have transformative powers. Further enhancing dress wear, refining business attire and lending singular flair to casual fashions, hats may well be the only accessory a man needs in his wardrobe. It's the myriad styles, the diversity of materials, as well as the incomparable ability to provide both distinctive form and superb function that give hats their sartorial strength. Epitomizing all of these qualities, Stacy Adams hats make personalized hat selection easy.

The Classic Gentleman

Pinstripes, tan trench coats, crisp white shirts, cuff links, the accoutrement of the well-dressed gentleman is both finely crafted and timeless. Likewise, the hat he chooses must possess the same elements. Fedora hats, for instance, like the Stacy Adams navy wool felt design, are an apt selection. With its classic, creased crown and wider brim, this hat flatters virtually every man and is a striking pairing with any of the aforementioned elements of classic style or simply partnered with a tailored suit.

The Style Setter

Deftly combining cutting-edge fashions with pieces that speak directly to him, the style setter does not follow trends. He creates them. With a clear command of style, he selects only that which not only looks great on him but also represents him with excellence. A case in point is summer hats. Usually designed of straw or lightweight fabric, summer hats selected by a man of style coordinate with his casually polished weekend wear as well as with the linen suit he wears to dinner.

The Elegant Guest

Accepting invitations to dinners, weddings and posh parties, the elegant guest arrives immaculately attired. Whether the event is the height of formality, requiring white tie, a black-tie event or simply one at which a beautifully cut suit is the standard, dress hats finish his look. From top hats to homburgs such as the Stacy Adams black wool felt design, his selection reflects his respect for the occasion as well as his appreciation for sartorial splendor.

While each man's style is individual, that style may well encompass more than one look. That's where Stacy Adams hats come in, providing a foundation for a hat collection that illustrates the man.


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