The Best Hat Styles from New York Fashion Week 2017

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Another Fashion Week is upon us, which means we’re overwhelmed by the glitz, the glamour, the beauty...and the amazingly fashionable hats for women taking center stage right now. What’s hot, and what do you absolutely need to add to your wardrobe? Keep reading to find out which women’s hats to look for next time you’re in a shopping mood.

Off the Runway

Heads turned when Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid hit the party circuit. Attending the Mert and Marcus party, the two showed up in decidedly electrifying headwear-namely sexy hats that were a little bit unexpected. On Hadid: a bright red conductor’s cap with a bold color that matched the brilliant crimson buckle on her Chanel belt.

And on Gerber: a black version whose style was the epitome of biker chic. Adding the sexy Greek Fisherman cap to your repertoire is an easy way to pull this one off- it evokes the same newsboy-style inspiration and looks flawless with everything from leather and denim to a wool coat and boots.

Sassy Straw Hats

In case there was any doubt about the staying power of a classic women’s straw hat, you can rest easy. Fashion Week just threw a few on the runway and now everyone wants to wear them. Designer Eugenia Kim, who is known for her extravagant headwear, showed a variety of options on her models, from enormous, quirky bows to more accessible straw fashionable hats.

Whether you’re summering in Europe with a bucket bag on your arm or navigating your garden on an insanely sunny day, you’ll look like a style maven in a gorgeous straw hat with a protective wide brim.

Bring the Bucket

Who could have imagined that the bucket hat would ever end up on the catwalk? Lil Yachty x Nautica, a streetwise collaboration full of nineties-inspired pieces, embraced the sporty piece in a big way during Fashion Week. And despite the clear references to the grunge era, the hat itself is more of a throwback to LL Cool J, circa 1987\.

Whatever the decade and influence, there’s a place for the relaxed and effortless women’s bucket hat in any wardrobe. Throw it on before you head off to a theme party or, in a more practical world, on a windy day when you want to keep your hair from traveling in every direction but down.

Pretty in Purple

One of the prettiest colors to emerge from the Fashion Week runways was purple. Poised to be the color of the moment by the time we reach springtime, this bright and lively shade looks great whether you’re wearing it on your feet or on your head. Best of all, there’s a purple for every season. Stick with a rich eggplant hue on a stylish French beret when cold weather threatens to cramp your style.

Opt for soft, lightweight, lavender women’s bucket hats when you want to make a statement during spring or summer. If you prefer darker colors in warm weather, try a shade of plum or grape- both have a versatile appeal that makes them appropriate to wear at any time of the year. Don’t forget to pack a crush-able, fashionable hat when you’re ready to hit the road or fly cross-country. There’s no better way to punctuate your travel ensemble than with a bold purple hat for women.

If there’s one thing that Fashion Week teaches us, it’s that you can make any style work if you possess a little bit of moxie and a flair for adventure. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, step outside of your comfort zone, and work a catwalk-ready hat that captures the spirit of sizzling New York style. You may just set a headwear trend in your own town-or, at the very least, turn a few heads for all of the right reasons.

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