An Irish Flat Cap Can Elevate an Authentic Style

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Irish Flat Cap Styles and Tips

The Irish Flat Cap is one of the most traditional and stylish caps around, and when worn properly (with the right clothing) it can give you a classic, authentic look that's grounded in tradition, something few other clothing accessories can match. So, if you are into the classic Irish culture, or just want to give your look more class and authenticity, try on an Irish Flat Cap.


What is an Irish Flat Cap

The Irish Flat cap is a soft, flat hat with a low crown made of three stitched panels like any typical cap. It has a short brim onto which the crown is fastened either by button snap or stitching.

Flat cap
The Irish Flat Cap, with a three-panel design and tweed pattern, can really enhance your style.

What's unique about this cap asides from the shape, is the material. Irish flat caps are made with carded, spun wool from Ireland in a handful of classic patterns straight from the Emerald Isle itself. The most popular fabric pattern for Irish flat caps is tweed herringbone and basic plaid a close second. The detail and granularity of the tweed pattern really is what gives the hat its formal authenticity. But that's also why you need to wear it with the right clothing.

How to Wear an Irish Flat Cap

To look your best, wear an Irish flat cap with one of few select outfits like a sweater and collared shirt, or a tweed or similar jacket. In some cases you can pull off wearing one with a t-shirt but you run the risk of looking less authentic and more of a try-hard. Even so, stars like Colin Farrel and David Beckham have been seen sporting this look so if it works for you, go with it! You will have a style all your own that no one can touch.

Man in a cap
Wear a flat cap with a collared shirt and dressy clothes for the best look.

Safe Outfits to Wear it With

If you want to play it safe pair this hat with a sweater vest, a collared shirt and tie, or a stylish vest. It also complements wool and tweed jackets and looks great with a stylish wool overcoat. It requires a dressy element in most cases, and is not a hat to wear with plain jeans.

Don't Over Dress or Look to Old Timey

However, you don't want to wear this cap with clothes that are too 'old timey'. If you wear a lot of vintage-style jackets, shirts and sweaters, this cap can make you look like a piece of history yourself! That's not real style, it's a character costume, and you could look like you stepped off the set of a historical documentary, instead of looking like a modern man with a hip style sensibility.

Man in cap
The best time to wear one is in the cooler months, with a sweater, collared shirt or jacket.

When to Wear One

Time and place is important when wearing an Irish Flat Cap-or any cap for that matter. Wear one in the cooler months or during Fall and in the early parts of Spring. Also, wear one at semi-formal or formal events. On a date, out to dinner, or even just running errands-as long as you are dressed appropriately is a smart time to wear this hat.

Matching the Cap to Your Outfit

It's really important to match the cap to your outfit. Some patterns-like plaids, only go with a certain color and pattern of shirt. So, make sure you choose your hat pattern wisely. A basic grey herringbone tweed Irish flat cap is the best, most versatile option since it matches light, dark and in-between colors. Save the plaid caps for your solid colors only and do it in a fashionable sense!

Ready to upgrade your look? Take a look at these stylish Flat Caps.

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