8 Best Party Hats for Cinco de Mayo

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Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we're taking a peek at the best party hats. Cinco de Mayo is a great time for sombreros and Mexican inspired hats, but we're taking it further. We're going to take the liberty and declare it's ok to wear any type of hat on Cinco de Mayo. Sure, Mexican hats are great, but they're also silly if you're not south of the border. So grab whatever hat gets you in the party spirit, as we review the best party hats around.

Party Hats for Cinco de Mayo

This Carlos Santana Joy fedora is exactly that - loads of joy. Wear this hat and you'll be immediately transported into party mode. It has all the fun trimmings and styling you'd expect from a joyous hat.

This Scala straw fedora is a refined party choice. It looks sort of like a pork pie hat, and has a diamond crown which is a classy touch. The colors though, will make you the energetic life of the party, and it has the bow to match.

Denim can be awkward to wear above the waist. Luckily, this Carlos Santana Diego fedora is pure pleasure and fun. The styling on the brim is whimsical and interesting, and if you flip the hat around, inside is a treasure-trove of Mexican art.

You can read people's minds with this Santana Chakra cadet hat. Not really, of course, but it's a great party trick and conversation starter. You'll have all the confidence in the world with this original hat.

Ivy caps have been around for generations, and it's something you don't see revolutionized very often. Well, this Carlos Santana ivy cap has brought a much needed Latin influence into the European hat, and it's a hit.

Rev up the party with this Santana Healer straw pork pie hat. The hatband looks like a heart monitor, as though it's announcing you're alive and ready to go. Wear this hat proudly, and you're guaranteed to infuse life into the party.

A pink hat needs no introduction. This Dobbs Rosebud straw fedora is pink and it's an awesome hat. When you walk into a party, you won't even need to say a word. People will be awestruck at how amazing this hat looks.

Lastly, this Dorfman Pacific straw fedora is classic and cool. There's nothing crazy about this hat. The hatband has the right amount of color to mix things up, as it's a great hat to get the party grooving.

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Let us know what you wear to a party. Do you have a favorite party hat?

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