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Santana hats are the most artfully styled and interesting hats we carry. Reminiscent of Latin flavor with a musical twist, the flair runs deep, highlighting every curve and stitch of these creative fashion statements. If you're looking for a trendy punch, these are sure to please.

Santana Hats- A Musical Journey

His music is hailed as being a blend of Latin and African beats, which is clearly evident in the collections. Whether dressing to impress a crowd, or just laying low on the music scene, these hats hit all the right notes and will please the most discerning enthusiasts, whether fanatics of hats or music.

Carlos Santana is a legendary musician whose skills and talents transcend time. He's taken these themes and effortlessly woven it into the fabric, speaking volumes of his rhythm, beat, and style. Anyone who can appreciate Santana's colorful lifestyle will certainly appreciate how the message screams loudly though his hats. Everything in the Santana Hat Collection, from the splashy color, lavish embellishments, extravagant textures and thought-provoking detail punctuate the eclectic vibrancy of the Santana's soul.

It's All About the Hats

Superior craftsmanship and ground-breaking design choices are hallmarks this brand is known for. Whether it's the stunning gradient coloring of the Spectrum Panama hat or the gorgeous coffee color of the Bhutan Panama hat, the hat makers at Santana give the choir exactly what they want to hear.

The Brahman straw fedora takes interesting hat fashion the next level with beautiful contrasting colors with dynamic stitching throughout. Even his cadet caps make a peaceful statement to a more traditional military garment, by including subtle cues like peace doves and flowers.

Taking Style Up a Notch

In the Joy fedora hat, style gets an upgrade from the diamond crown and toyo straw with the marking of the happiness and delight Santana elicits through his songs. Then there's the playful style of his trendy flat bill, snap back hats. The Supernatural snap back hat is outer-worldly on another level, while the Aztec snap back hat is powerful and strong with the grip of a lion.

Every Good Deed

Proceeds of every purchase go to fund The Milagro Foundation, "Making a difference in the lives of children." Established in 1988, Carlos Santana and his family have provided over $4.2 million in grant money by this publicly supported program. Their goal is to assist community based organizations who provide for under-served and vulnerable children. They offer everything from education services, health assistance, and exposure to the arts.

Milagro prides their effort on three main areas. First, to help children and youth live healthy lives through education and prevention of disease. They help children live literate lives through learning. Lastly, the Milagro helps them live culturally enriched lives through arts education.

To learn more about The Milagro Foundation, visit

"One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart." -Carlos Santana


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