Stingy & Small Brim Hats

In 2010, the New York Times called the short brim hat "so in, it's got to be out." However, these hats with flat crowns and small brims have been trendy since 1887, when actress Sarah Bernhardt played Russian royal Fedora in a play by the same name. They soon made their way into the Golden Age of Hollywood. Key players in show business, such as Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Alicia Keys, have made these types of straw, wool and fur hats signature accessories even today

Small Brim Hats

Small Brim Hats For Men And Women

Female wearers are not usually associated with the golden age of stingy brim hats. The fedora wasn't worn only by gangsters and bankers, though. Women and men both wore the hats as part of a well-curated outfit.

Women's versions of small brim hats often come in brighter colors or included intricate details. Braiding around the crown softens the lines and imparts a delicate air. The upturned brim brightens the face. Women's hats may have more colorful accents and elegant materials. They might also look great as part of menswear fashion.

Panama Hats

The Panama hat is a popular version of a short brim hat or cap. Hat weaving has been a tradition in Ecuador since the 17th century. Most of the hats that were made in the Andes Mountains were shipped through Panama on their way to North America, Europe, and Asia. When visitors traveled to the sunny locale, they often picked up one of these hats to shield their faces from the sun. Nowadays, the straw, small brim hat exudes tropical nonchalance.

How To Wear The Short Brim Hat

How do you explain the hat's extreme popularity? It's a style that goes with almost everything. It can look modern or vintage. It can be dressed up or down. You can even go for a sporty look with this hat. The bucket hat is a golf favorite that upgrades a basic polo shirt and khakis.

When it's constructed from straw, small brim hats can be worn any time the sun is shining. Wear a felt version to keep your head protected from the elements, especially in the winter. When you sit this hat on your head, you show that you're bold enough to wear a strong accessory. It grounds a frilly outfit and adds mystique to your favorite pieces of casual clothing.


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