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We are an authorized reseller of Stetson Hats for men and women, which guarantees you a 100% genuine & authentic product that includes the manufacturer's warranty.

They're instantly recognizable. Classically American, these fedoras, westerns and other styles are bold, offering a distinctive look that has set a high standard among fine hats for more than 150 years. Purveying the class of cowboy hats, becoming definitive western hats in the process, as well as the sophisticated charm of Stetson straw hats, including the fedora hat, they are wardrobe staples for both the fashion conscious and those simply drawn to quality craftsmanship. It's no wonder that these hats are known simply by one man's name: Stetson.



It's a Stetson Hat

Indeed, John B. Stetson had an uncanny knack for creating hats that deftly melded fine form and supreme function. He understood what people wanted in looks as well as what they needed in a hat's construction. Even with his first design back in 1865, the Boss of the Plains, Stetson's unique combination of inventiveness and utility made his hat a winner, its wide-brimmed, ten-gallon style providing relief from the sun and nature's elements among cowboys and farmers alike. He then applied that same level of precision to each new hat style. The result was an expansive array of designs and colors with broad appeal.

Taking as much care and consideration with his employees as with his hats, Stetson fostered an equally loyal following among his workers and his customers, building a company that became the largest hat producer in the world by the early 20th century. Today, more than a century and a half after the Boss of the Plains was first produced, the name Stetson is synonymous with both excellence and true American style, creating a company that has been second to none since its inception.

This kind of staying power is based on carefully combining superlative quality with four other elements: timelessness, individualism, chicness and consummate style.


Timeless Elegance

Transcending eras, Stetson hats for sale offer timeless elegance that both men and women appreciate. It's the basic design that makes the difference. Constructed with careful attention to detail, the shape of the brim, the crease of the crown, Stetsons feature classic lines that have stood the test of time, never being out of fashion. From a summer standard such as the Retro-Panama Stetson Genuine Panama Fedora Hat to a year-round favorite like the Stetson Weather Leather Safari Hat, Stetson's sophistication is timeless.


Rugged Individualism

It's the tilt of the Stetson hat, the depth of the crease, even the type of attire paired with it that together create a singular look. That's individuality. That's also Stetson. Underscoring this individuality is the fact that the same hat looks decidedly different on each wearer. As iconic a symbol of Americana as anyone can find, men’s Stetson hats immediately conjure an image of a man's man: rugged, independent, hardworking. Yet, take a hat like the Santa Fe-Stetson wool felt crushable western hat, and that same cowboy hat evokes a completely different image on each wearer. That's the individualism that sets Stetson hats for sale apart from all others.


Fashionably Chic

As closely tied to a clearly male aesthetic as most Stetson hats for sale are, they have great appeal for women as well. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of masculine details and femininity, making a provocative combination that proves complementary to women. Take fedora hats, for instance. Initially adopted by men, and still quite popular as a male accessory, fedoras such as the Stratoliner-Stetson Milan straw fedora hat add tailored chic to women's wear that is always fashionable. Of course, Stetsons designed with women in mind are always a draw, with the Sunny-Stetson Palm Straw wide-brim hat being a prime example of just how fashionably chic women’s Stetson hats are.


Consummate Style

Simply put, Stetsons have style. It is this element that underlies all the others. It is style that makes these hats timeless. It's style that infuses them with individualism. Moreover, it is style that conveys the chicness of these hats. Interestingly, when it comes to Stetsons, a symbiotic relationship exists between the wearer and the hat, each adding a degree of style to the other. Ultimately, it is a person of consummate style who chooses a Stetson, the hat that offers precisely the same quality.


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