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Discover stylish wedding hats online for everyone at Fashionable Hats! Whether you’re a wedding guest, groom, bride, or part of the wedding party, we have a range of hats that will suit your needs. Learn more about our various wedding hats here. 

Classic Formalwear

The top hat, the indisputable king of wedding hats, is renowned as the most formal of dress hats. Quite dashing, with its characteristically high crown and narrow, rolled brim, the top hat strikes a particularly formal and polished fashion note. Having gradually evolved from its initial association solely with wealthy men of Britain it has become the best of British wedding hats. Today, on both sides of the pond, wool felt top hats like the Sir Winston by Walrus Hats, are the classic formal wear choice for events such as a formal winter wedding. Paired with a tuxedo, it's a dapper, modern look with vintage flair.


British Brio

With its hard, round crown, often with a saucy little feather on one side, and circular, upturned brim, the derby is another British design with definite universal appeal. Not as formal as the top hat, it's the British wedding hat worn with a finely cut suit rather than a tuxedo. Stetson's Derby Bowler, for instance, designed in fur felt, is a handsome take on a playful style that works wonderfully well worn with a bit of swagger.


Pure Glamour

Regardless of the season, there's something about a veiled hat on a woman that exudes pure glamour. The tilt of the hat, along with the shading of the eyes, creates a collaboration that is the personification of sophistication. As a wedding hat, coupled with a sleek and chic dress or a softly flowing one, the Scala leopard pillbox fascinator, for example, is a delightfully glamorous take on a dress hat. Our purely glamourous wedding hats online are a stunning option for any woman!


Refined Informality

On those occasions when a wedding is a more relaxed and informal gathering, yet still calls for dress attire, a little casual elegance always works. A case in point is the pork pie hat for men. A jazzy little hat, featuring a circular indentation in the crown along with an extremely small brim, it adds verve to a suit. With a crown and brim of two different hues and a band around the crown combining the two colors, the Tribute by Walrus Hats offers refined informality that is the crowning touch on any suit.

Likewise, a cloche hat designed with understated embellishment is an ideal pick for women attending a less formal wedding. With a flower on the side, the Scala knit wool cloche hat offers a cosmopolitan look with a hint of vintage grace that would refine any dress or suit.

Honoring all that the occasion represents, wedding hats also bring out wedding guests' best personal style.


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