Mens Hats

Shop our men's hats, dashing, distinctive and, in many ways, quite debonair. These hats for men have a cachet that extends far back to that genteel time when no gentleman stepped out without one. Representing social status and lifestyle in that era as well as individual taste, a men's hat was then an indication of the man himself. Indeed, a hat often spoke quite eloquently of a man's standing in society.

Now, while the role of men's hats as a necessary aspect of daily attire may have lessened, nothing has diminished their sartorial power. Beyond the individual styles, it's the tilt of the hat, the way it's worn and, always, the swagger that a hat seems to elicit from the wearer that gives men's hats their staying power. Succinctly put, hats for men are cool.

Part of their fashion strength lies in the variety of styles. From the seasonal fare of men's summer hats and men's winter hats to the personalized selections of men's fedora hats and men's flat caps, among many others, the range of styles means that a flattering hat is available to any man. What's more, for every leisure pursuit, from golf to boating, there's a great hat to accompany the attire. They add flair to any look and virtually any venue, running the gamut from business affairs and elegant weddings to sports events and weekend outings, catering to men with a sense of style and the self-assurance to display it.

Proving this point, we provide an overview of some of our diverse types of men's hats. Beginning with those for winter, we segue into summer hats and round out our summary with a few men's dress hats.

Warm and Stylish Men's Winter Hats

For the man whose clothing and accessories reflect his refined taste and innate sense of style, his winter hat needs to be warm, of course, but it also must be stylish enough to accent his overall look. For such a man, our men's felt hats in tailored styles are a natural choice, fulfilling both needs at once while adding a finishing touch to his business wear as well.

Meanwhile, on the casual front, our men's wool hats offer complete winter comfort. Embodying simplicity at its best, these cozy hats are unadorned partners for jeans and other casual wear while our men's fur hats provide consummate warmth and matchless good looks in a sporty hat. With the selection of any of these hats, winter will never be the same again.

Men's Hats with Pizzazz for the Summer

When it comes to summertime attire, is there anything to rival men's straw hats? Whether it's the natural-colored straw and stiff brim of our classic straw hats with grosgrain bands, for instance, ideal accompaniments to everything from summer suits to a button down shirt and khakis, or the suave sophistication of our men's Panama hats, the ultimate in summer hat finery, straw hats will always be the reigning kings of men's summer chapeaus.

However, since summertime is also fun time, our men's summer hats and beach hats belong in every man's hat collection. From cotton safari hats and bucket hats to raffia straw pork pie hats, summer is the perfect time to select a jaunty beach hat with a cool silhouette. Moreover, adding one of our men's rain hats is an equally good idea. Particularly for those who would rather be caught in a deluge of rain than carry an umbrella, a weathered cotton hat, for example, makes being in the rain a light-hearted event.

Men's Dress Hats that Bring the Brio

All year-round, men have occasions when dressing in their finest is de rigueur. While hats may not be mandatory at such times, dress and formal hats certainly bring the brio to the look and the occasion. A case in point is our men's fedora. A vintage style that transcends eras, it complements all daytime attire. Indeed, a more urbane hat cannot be found.

Then there are our men's bowler hats and men's gambler hats, dress hats with definite elan. Take our bowler hats, for instance. With their hard, high crown and rolled brim, often with a natty little feather on one side, these are the dress hats of choice for men who not only enjoy fashion but also their individuality. Likewise, our gambler hats, crafted in all manner of straw or felt, with low, oval crowns and smaller brims, make a fashion statement of their own regardless of the clothing that accompanies them. In fact, even without a special occasion, possessing any of these dress hats is reason alone to dress up.

Just a few among our extensive array of hats, our men's hats are precisely what men want in hats: understated good looks and unabashed masculinity, qualities shared by both the man and his hat.


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