Fancy Dress Hats


Fancy Dress Hats

When it comes to the many types of dress hats for both men and women, it's the vintage hats hearkening back to that gracious era when hats were part of everyone's daily sartorial garb that offer the flourishes and styles that lend a look of distinction to today's fashions. Among these, the real powerhouse of style is the vintage formal hat.

With its yesteryear charm and exquisite details, from the shape of the hat to the ornamentation atop it, these are the original fancy dress hats. Chosen to accompany finely tailored suits, for instance, for festive occasions, these fancy hats offer whimsicality as a counterbalance to the seriousness of the suit. Moreover, black or white dress hats, a classic pairing from the past, are particularly striking accents to contemporary formal looks in combination with each other or as one hue.


Sophisticated Mens Dress Hats Styles

For men of style, these hats are timeless accessories in much the same manner as ties and cuff-links symbols of sartorial refinement. Dapper dressers, such men know the impact of a well-chosen formal hat, using it as a key element of their individual style. Whether it is the genuine fur felt or wool felt of a mens fedora or the quality of a Stetson dress hat, these hats represent the best presentation in the winter.

Maybe you are going for for more of an urbane look of a Panama straw hat or hemp hat. These quintessential men's summer dress hats transcend in the seasons as a must have for any man with good taste.


Elegant Women's Dress Hats

Elegant, universally flattering and always beguiling, ladies dress hats have been integral to women's dressy daytime attire since the beginning of fashion. Once inextricably linked with gloves as part of a cultured duo, women's dress hats have superseded gloves to become the sole irreplaceable accessory of well-heeled women. It's their inimitable ability to highlight the face while enhancing the complete look that makes these hats a chic and desirable accent to formal daytime dress. Equally compelling, their variety means that having just one seems woefully insufficient when there are so many venues for wearing them.

Take women's church hats, for example. A traditional setting for a formal hat, a church is among the places where a wool knit or faux fur cloche hat perhaps embellished with a velvet band and one stellar rhinestone pin makes a stunning fashion statement. Similarly, weddings provide another site for dazzling millinery, from dainty fascinator hats to face-framing bucket hats, all of them graced with matching flowers.

For men and women alike, a fancy dress hat is the crowning fashion detail.


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