Fall Hats

Fall Hats

Cool weather forces you to rethink your go-to outfit. In many cases, it also requires you to transition from summer hats to Winter hats. You don't have to shift from light cotton or straw to felt or wool hats if you don't want to. In fact, if you live in a locale with mild winters, you can get away with wearing tightly woven safari hats or Panama hats all year. However, changing your hats with the seasons gives you a reason to rethink your wardrobe and rediscover your style./p>

Fall Hat Trends

In the fall, hat brims tend to shrink as the materials thicken. You may not need as much sun protection, but a Sunday drive might still necessitate some shade. Select your fall hat with fashion and function in mind.

Some hats take on a more reserved tone, with warmer colors and fewer adornments. The bold prints of summer take a backseat to rich textures in the cooler seasons. Sophisticated ribbons are more monochromatic in the fall. Feather accents replace florals. This is the time to break out leather cowboy hats, plaid flat caps and fancy fedoras.

Fall Hats for Women

You might be reaching for something cozier than your wide-brimmed sun hat when the temperature drops. Felt hats come in a variety of shapes and colors. Choose a hat with more structure for those fashion-forward days. Select a slouchier style to camouflage a bad hair day and fight the chill in the air.

The bucket hat gets chic in autumn with tighter weaves and thicker materials. With the added structure, this hat gives off the aura of a fedora even if it doesn't exactly meet the category standards. If you're not wearing a fall hat for the cozy factor, consider expressing yourself with dainty fascinators, flower-bedecked cloches or wide-brimmed church hats.

Channel your inner Parisian with a beret. The extra space around the crown protects your head and ears from the nippy air while keeping some volume in your hairstyle. The menswear-inspired ivy cap gives you a similar effect.

Men's Hats for Fall

One of the easiest and trendiest hats for fall is the flat cap. Its color and shape is neutral enough to support any style. Transition smoothly from schoolboy to steampunk by changing the hat's texture or adding a scarf.

Dare to stand out with one of the other fall hat fashion trends. Trilby hats keep your head warm and your outfit cool. They usually have a pinched crown and a medium brim. They fit well and provide moderate sun protection. You can increase the style factor by tilting the hat to the back or side. This hat looks stunning with or without a feather tucked into the ribbon.

Upgrade your fall wardrobe and avoid beanie-induced hat head by going for a well-constructed topper. Paired with a sweater, scarf and jeans, the accessory will keep you prepped for the weather and ready to go from work to happy hour.

How To Wear a Fall Hat

Most hat styles can be worn by anyone. Even the baseball cap has come up on the heads of some luxuriously dressed celebrities. Women can contrast a herringbone ivy cap with a feminine dress to set off a delicate look. Men can elevate a bare brim by tucking in a feather or flower.

Cool-weather hats showcase themselves with a texture that contrasts with your fall clothing and jackets. The result is style that stands out even on a casual weekend. Don't put away those straw hats if you anticipate a few sunny days warming up the season. As summer slowly disappears, alternate between your favorite hats to highlight your style sense and stay warm.

The most important hat rule is that if you feel good, you'll look great. The best way to wear a fall hat is with confidence.


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