Womens Bucket Hats

Looking for something versatile and functional that's also unique and fashionable? Take a look at our womens bucket hats. These straw and cloth hats complement any look, adding a playful and natural style that just seems right for well just about any outfit you can think of. From a new Spring ensemble to casual summer fashions, even a sweater and jeans in the cold of Fall. You can wear these fashion-conscious womens hats anywhere you like and still kook your best. Plus, enjoy the function and versatility.

This functionality and versatility is the reason these hats, which have been around for centuries, have become one of the most popular womens hats. Used by fishermen and farmers in Ireland, then by military pilots and even the Navy, these hats know how to perform their best.

We have collected the best bucket hats for women from our favorite manufacturers and are offering them to you at excellent prices. Shop our selection today and find one that makes your favorite outfit even better. You will find both short brim and wide brim bucket hats for women and men on this site.

You'll look stylish, cute and enjoy all the comfort and functionality of one of the world's best hats!

Shop for different styles of hats for women including womens fedoras, or for more sun portection browse our women's sun hats. Or, shop our wide brim hats for a different type of look.

A Quick History of Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have an interesting history. They were originally used by agricultural workers, fishermen and farmers in Ireland because they offered shade and protection from wind and rain. Easy to store, they could be carried in your pocket to have ready if storms approached quickly. They became a must-have on the boat or the farm for this reason.

The bucket hat became popular among the British elite because it was the perfect countryside hat to wear on a picnic during a day out in country. Not to mention how well it went with the fashions of those times.

It is also used in the military. The small size of the brim made it ideal for use in tight spaces like the cockpit of an airplane and it offered decent protection from the sun. The brim style also sheds rain quickly and blocks wind, offering protection for your entire head and neck

Ladies, this will quickly become your favorite hat to wear every day, rain or shine. You'll always be glad you brought it along, and not just because you look so good. It's comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Fold it up and store it anywhere. It's the best hat choice for fashion, function and fun.

These womens bucket hats come in a variety of styles. We have a collection of decorative straw bucket hats and cotton cloth bucket hats from brands you love like Scala and Jeanne Simmons. These stylish functional accessories complement your Spring, Summer and all-season outfits.

Find one (or two) that you love and enjoy the versatility and function of one of the world's most popular hats.


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