Womens Straw Hats

What's going to be your favorite summer fashion accessory this year? That's an easy question. One of these designer Women's straw hats, there's no question. Often overlooked, a straw hat is something every fashion-loving women should and probably already has in their closet.


Straw hats are one of the most versatile accessories you may ever own. Nothing tops the texture and look of woven fabric. It goes with just about anything from cut-off jeans and flip-flops, to a summer dress or even a fancy, elegant dress for date night. These summer hats turn ordinary ensembles into something that really wows. That's why they are one of our more popular summer accessories. Unique and flattering, they just might change your idea of summertime fashion.

This selection of beautiful straw hats for women is sure to have one (or two, or three) styles to complement your look. We offer them in many different shapes and brim widths like wide brim and floppy sun hats to fedora and trilby all with designs that really lift your style. Ready to take on whatever activity you might be doing in the warmer weather outdoors or inside.

Straw Makes the Best Summer Hat

Remember, we aren't just talking about a simple beach hat or sun hat. These stylish straw hats really do make a great accessory.

The lightweight, elegant summer hats are made with fine straws and include fashionable accents to complement any outfit. Perfect for going to the park, lounging at the beach or heading out for a romantic dinner at a fancy seaside restaurant. They can even elevate the semi-casual date night outfit to one that is truly extraordinary. So, if you have only a few outfits for summer, one of our hats can turn them all into a fashion statement.

Find a straw sun hat for your next vacation. Use one as your everyday go-to poolside or beach hat. Or, shop for a fancy sun hat with designer style to pair with that new summer dress. We also have mens straw hats.

Why Women Love to Wear Straw Hats

Straw is one of the most widely used materials for hat making. It is extremely versatile, easy to shape, and lightweight. But there's more to it than that. The main thing that makes straw hats ideal for women's clothing is the texture. They provide that little extra layer of depth and detail that makes you look amazing.

Add one to a light summer dress and suddenly your look is complete. That outfit went from just kind of "nice" to really incredible. They can be casual but also very elegant a feat that few accessories are able to pull off.

They also keep you cool when it's hot outside. That's the other reason why women love straw hats. Not only will straw shade you from the sun it is breathable. Your style stays cooler and fresher longer.

Sun Hats, Beach Hats and Poolside Style

Want to elevate your look while you lounge poolside or relax in the sun at the beach? A straw sun hat or beach hat with an extra touch of high fashion is just the thing. We have hats with decorative bands and extra touches of style that can complement your poolside style. Wear it while lounging by the tiki bar or enjoying the sound of the waves crashing at the beach. Your look stays with you from the sand to the restaurant or after beach party.

We have a great selection to browse from top brands like Scala, Stacy Adams, and Tommy Bahama. Take a look at our Scala wide brim sun hat made with fine crocheted raffia straw. Its casual style is perfect for the beach but upscale enough to transition to shopping afterwards.

Of course, we have more laid back options like a straw cowboy hat or Stetson's Laid Back, perfect for a lazy vacation to the islands! Relax, enjoy the sun and have fun with just the right amount of cool.


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