Army and Cadet Hats

Epaulets, brass buttons, navy blue blazers, short-billed caps, there's something inherently stylish about fashion details with a hint of military polish. Refined but never stuffy, these pieces are wardrobe staples, quite adept at intermingling with other fashion items to create looks suffused in personality and individuality. Perhaps this explains the timelessness of these elements, underscoring their ability to transcend the caprices of trends

Casual Chic

For decades, nothing has so effectively held its place in fashion as have jeans. Generally worn for casual wear, they take on a decidedly more sophisticated look when paired with the right accessories. A case in point is a cadet hat. Designed much like a baseball cap, but with a smaller, narrower bill, a hat such as the Scala wool blend cadet hats, with their tweed or herringbone patterns, adds an air of distinction to jeans or even more tailored garments. Even better, this hat works equally well for both men and women.

Simple Elegance

Sometimes the addition of a singular facet of style elevates an item to high fashion. Such is the case with Scala's cadet hats designed in boiled wool with a glittering brooch on one side. A feminine touch that adds elegance to an otherwise plain item, the brooch enables this hat to partner with a suit or even a simple black dress for a striking combination.

Personal Statement

Those who never have an unexpressed thought will take solace in fashions that state them. Unlike a T-shirt bearing a slogan, Santana's cotton cadet hat called Spirit makes a personal statement with absolute panache. With its dove on the bill and the word "peace" on the back, this hat says everything the wearer need not utter. What's more it's done with resolute style.

Cadet hat or army hat, these caps are not just for military members any more.


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