Homburg Hats

Homburg Hats offers a hat option that provides style and flair for men of any generation. Homburg Hats for men are traditionally crafted from stiff wool, fur or felt, featuring a grosgrain hatband and appropriate brim trim for just a dash of color. The first person of note to wear a Homburg was Edward VII following a trip to Bad Homburg in Germany. This hat style is less formal than a top hat, although considered a formal rather than casual style of hat. One special characteristic that is recognizable is the single dent that travels across the center of the hat.

Sophisticated Style

Any male who adjusts a vintage Homburg Hat atop his head and looks in the mirror likes the transformation that he sees, a shift into someone who knows how to express a certain aura of sophistication and style, with just a touch of insouciance. Any suit looks that much more elegant and sophisticated when the wearer completes his outfit by adorning his head with a nice Homburg felt hat.

And it's easy for anyone to make a Homburg hat a signature accessory as Homburg Hats for sale represent an affordable array of colors, sizes and styles. You can choose from a classic wool homburg, a fur felt fedora homburg, or a Stetson Homburg to accent any style suit, whether casual or formal. If you want your wardrobe to reflect your unique personality and tastes, then investing in one or even several Homburg hats is an excellent way to express confidence in your own personal style.

Distinguish Yourself

Without a doubt, Homburg Hats inspired by the vintage fine fedora and Homburg hats that were a staple for men throughout most of the 20th century will always be in favor by men whose goal is to distinguish themselves from being just another face in the crowd. Any woman perusing a sea of faces will most likely be drawn to the man wearing a Homburg Hat because it imparts a sense of panache to the wearer.

Gangster rappers and The Godfather certainly helped transport Homburg felt hats from the pages of history into an identifiable fashion trend in the late 20th century. Although the popularity of the Homburg may ebb and flow, this hat style lends incredible sophistication and chic to any casual or business outfit. The Homburg Hats for sale today benefit from being updated so that they pay homage to your father and grandfather's favorite Homburg, without looking dated or old fashioned. And don't be surprised if the lady in your life likes being seen more often in the company of a man with the good taste and polished style to sport a Homburg Hat with unabashed flair.


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