9 Carlos Santana Hats You'll Actually Want to Wear

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Carlos Santana hats are as famous as the music from the musician himself. One thing he's known for is his eclectic style and hit music. It's easy enough for a rock star to pull off a funky hat, but how are normal people supposed to do it? Thankfully, Carlos Santana has lent his creative talents to the hat world and designed new styles for us to wear. They're trendy like Santana, but offer a sense of pedestrian appeal that us normal people can wear.



Carlos Santana Hats

Brahman Carlos Santana Hats

We love the Carlos Santana Brahman. It's one of our favorite fedoras. We happen to like dark blue and navy hats, so we find the color arrangement of the hat appealing. We like that the Brahman has a lot of normal fedora traits, but has been kicked up a notch with flair.


Carlos Santana Hats

Brishen Carlos Santana Hats

The Carlos Santana Brishen is more of a tropical and beach fedora. It even has a little feather detail sown into the side. There's lots to like about this hat, as the straw is meticulous and clean. There's some nice gaps in the crown too, allowing for a gentle breeze to pass right trough.


Carlos Santana Hats

Halo Carlos Santana Hats

The Carlos Santana Halo is a really fun hat. It's durable too as it's been made with a straw and cotton blend. This is the sort of hat you can keep for a long time and not worry about it. It's functional and stylish. We especially like how there's no real hatband either, just more straw to make it look like one. That's clever.


Carlos Santana Hats

Remix Carlos Santana Hats

We know all our party-goer friends will fall for the Carlos Santana Remix. The Remix looks like its namesake, as there's a perfectly normal hat somewhere in there, but it's been spun around and given new life. The paisley details on the brim are fabulous too. We love it.


Carlos Santana Hats

Salvador Carlos Santana Hats

Sometimes you care to look fancier and get dressed up. A Panama hat is a great way to do that. While this Carlos Santana Salvador hat isn't a true Panama, it's made of shantung straw, it's close enough to pass. The ropes around the hatband add an amusing twist to an otherwise standard hat.


Carlos Santana Hats

Khalo Carlos Santana Hats

We're always shocked when we see new iterations of the flat cap. This Carlos Santana Khalo didn't let us down. It has loads of style with the denim and Latin pattern. It's a great hat to wear with jeans. It adds a level of sophistication and creativity to an otherwise boring outfit.


Carlos Santana Hats

Spirit Carlos Santana Hats

Everyone I know is wearing the Carlos Santana Spirit hat. A cadet hat by itself is amazing. When you toss in some crafty design elements, as Santana has done here with the flowers and dove, it makes for a very interesting and unique fashion statement.


Carlos Santana Hats

Supernatural Carlos Santana Hats

Leave it to Carlos Santana to take something as simple as a baseball hat and make it into something special. This Carlos Santana Supernatural flat bill hat is in its own world entirely. Closer inspection of this hat reveals Mayan influences and the Mexican afterlife. It's a truly remarkable hat.


Carlos Santana Hats

Aztec Carlos Santana Hats

This hat takes a lot of guts to wear. If you're going to wear this Carlos Santana Aztec hat with a lion, you better take pride in it. Everyone will notice this hat and take interest in the person underneath. We feel like this is the exact confidence Santana has while on stage, strumming those amazing guitar riffs.


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