Cool, Unique Christmas Gifts for Mom from Daughter or Son

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Why Hats Make Real Good Gifts for Mom this Christmas

There are lots of Christmas gifts for mom out there, but how many are truly "cool and unique"? While Moms say they will like anything you get them, it is nice to get your mom something special so she knows you really are thinking of her.

These hats make real cool Christmas gifts for mom because they are truly unique and let her express her own style. That's something your mom will appreciate. It's not your typical list of Christmas gift ideas like a necklace or bracelet. They say, mom, hey I really care about you.

Unexpected gifts like a new hat are something she might not ask for but she can definitely use-and the surprise factor makes them all the more special this holiday season. Shop all our gift ideas >>

woman in blue beret
Mom will love this Christmas gift. Berets are stylish, hip accessories that go with just about any outfit.
  1. Beret

Moms always want to look their best-and one way to upgrade a style is with a designer hat like the beret. Berets are very versatile, so they will look great with most of mom's favorite outfits. She'll have several ideas of what to wear one with once she sees her new Christmas gift. If you are wondering which color to get stick with the most popular. Blue, black and white berets will match most any outfit. They're excellent in winter and fall seasons! Shop berets.

  1. Straw Beach Hat / Sun Protection Hats

While it's still cold outside, beach weather is just a few months away. If your mom loves to lounge poolside or by the waves, get her one of these hats and she'll be thinking of the summer sun during gray winter days. Browse our beach and sun protection hats.

Straw beach Hat
Fedora hats look great on mom! They go with any outfit and make cool Christmas gifts for cool moms.
  1. Fedora

A fedora hat is a great gift for the stylish, progressive mom who loves to showcase her unique style. Fedora hats have character and class, plus they make any outfit look spectacular. Pair one with a suit, dress, or casual jeans, t-shirt, and jacket and mom just upped her style game. Browse our women's fedoras and find the perfect gift.

A bucket hat is a stylish gift for mom this Christmas.
  1. Bucket hats

A bucket hat goes with all her outfits. If you are stuck on which hat to get mom for Christmas, get this one. She can wear it with both casual jeans and a t-shirt or a dress. Bucket hats come in cloth and straw. Find one that matches her favorite style.

Bucket Hat
Mom will love this cloche hat-a stylish accent as a unique gift this Christmas.
  1. Cloche

The cloche is a classic hat with its own classy style. Mom will love this hat, and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift choice because it is so classy and elegant. The cloche hat adds a perfect touch to stylish, high-fashion outfits, especially winter clothing. It also is perfect for winter coats. She can accent and upgrade her style this winter with this Christmas gift idea. Get mom a cloche hat for Christmas.

Bucket Hat
The Bretton hat is a casual accent for her favorite outfits, and a lovely Christmas gift idea.
  1. Bretton

The Bretton hat is another great Christmas gift idea for mom from daughters and sons who want mom to look her best. The Bretton hat is designed to look like classic hats worn by agriculturists. This one is definitely more casual and laid back with an attitude that compliments her favorite fall, spring and summer outfits. Perfect for the beach, walks in the park, or a casual day.

A wide brim hat is a classy gift for a hip mom this Christmas.
  1. Wide Brim

The wide brim hat is ideal for so many activities- from gardening to beach days. It's the perfect Christmas gift for a mom who likes the outdoors or has outdoor hobbies. They come in many styles and colors. We recommend a classic, natural straw wide brim, but you can find one that suits mom's tastes.

These are some of the best hat Christmas gifts for mom from a daughter that cares about her style! They're unique, cool, and best of all full of designer fashion. Browse our wide selection and find a gift for mom that she'll really love this Christmas.

SHOP OUR WOMENS HATS and find a gift for mom.

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