Kentucky Derby Celebrities

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Which Celebrities Attend the Kentucky Derby and the Hats they Wear

Every year the Kentucky Derby attracts numerous celebrities from around the world- sports celebrities, actors, directories, Hollywood elites and A-listers, and many more! This year will be no different.

The Kentucky Derby will attract numbers of celebrities from all walks of life and everyone will be dressed their best. Here's a list of celebrities that usually go to the Kentucky Derby and what they often wear. Take a look at all of our Kentucky Derby Hats and find one for yourself.

Tom Brady

No matter what your feelings are on the star quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is a frequent attendee at the Kentucky Derby. He usually wears a stylish summer suit, always accented with a nice hat. In the past, he has worn a straw fedora, felt fedora and can also be seen wearing a flat cap. That might be his choice this year.

The Brady Bunch

Tom Brady travels with a crew to the Kentucky Derby. Back in 2016, he brought friends like Julian Edelman and Wes Welker. This year could be the same with an entourage of football buddies and friends accompanying the star.

Ashton Kutcher

Star of several films that launched a career on "That 70's Show", Ashton Kutcher has been seen at the Kentucky Derby. Previously, he wore a stylish flat cap. There are several options and each can complement your suit perfectly. Click to shop for a flat cap that elevates your suit.

Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian is a frequent attendee at the Kentucky Derby. Her hat in 2009 defined the style back then. She may attend this year wearing a similar fascinator hat. If you want to wear a fascinator hat, we have a few options. You can shop all fascinators here.


Kid Rock

Kid Rock attended the Kentucky Derby in 2017. The musician, actor, and producer can always be seen sporting a stylish fedora in either black on black or white. His choice is usually a straw or felt fedora. You can check out our black and white straw fedoras here.

Von Miller

The Broncos MVP linebacker is another frequent attendee of the Kentucky Derby. The Superbowl MVP wore a checkered suit and a really stylish boater hat as an accent.

Straw Hat
Boater hats are a perfect complement to summer outfits at the Kentucky Derby. Shop for one here.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family has a history with the Kentucky Derby. Queen Elizabeth attended in 2007, and throughout the decades the Royal Family has made appearances at the Derby. If you are curious, Queen Elizabeth wore a wide-brimmed straw hat with a bow to compliment her sensible attire.

Wide  brim hat
Wide Brim straw hats are a great choice for summer dresses at the Derby. Shop for a straw hat here.

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