Straw Fedoras

There are few hats as recognizable as the fedora and even fewer as functional and versatile as a straw fedora. Crafted of straw, these hats are both stylish and useful in a range of different situations. This is one of the main reasons to buy a straw fedora, and why you'll find it quickly becomes one of your favorite hats!

Straw fedoras are made of high-quality, durable and dexterous straws like hemp, wheat, toquilla straw, Toyo (made of rice paper) and Shantung. They provide shade from the sun, protecting your skin from harmful rays that are known to cause cancer and breathable so your head stays cool even on the hottest days.

Their pattern of the woven fiber also creates a textured look that is extremely detailed and stylish. Their unique style can go with just about any outfit, and suitable for nearly any activity from chores in the yard to a summer night on the town.

Modern mens and womens straw fedoras have taken a big step forward in both function and design. Both artificial and natural straws are being used in a wider range of hat styles, and they just look more fashionable. So whatever you are interested in doing, you can find just the right one for your needs.

These fedoras are hip enough to wear to that new outdoor restaurant and blend in at the club later. They can also keep you cooler when you are watching the ballgame. An excellent hat for summer they are ideal for any warm weather activity like Fourth of July celebrations, horse races, beach days and more. Anytime you need a hat outside in warm weather is a great time to wear a straw fedora. They are just a sensible choice every well-dressed man and woman should have in their wardrobe.

We offer a large selection to choose from including both narrow and wide brim straw fedoras in nearly every color. Try the popular Santana Mohican straw fedora. The luxurious hat goes from the beach to the club without missing a beat. Looks great with jeans, cargo shorts and flip flops, or a light weight suit. It gives you a look that's sensible, stylish but ready to party.

Make a real statement with the Walrus straw fedoras. Their level of style is a cut above. Made with paper braid straw that is soft but holds its shape, they are comfortable and suitable for just about any summer event. For dapper looks the Dorfman Pacific made of soft, glossy 100% Toyo straw, it is the ideal hat for your beach getaway.

Check out our full selection to find the right straw fedora for your summertime adventures. If you can't find what you need ask us, we are here to help you.

History of Straw Hats and Fedoras

Straw hats have always held a special place in hat history. From the Asian islands to the east coast and all across Europe, each culture has their own version of the versatile, functional straw hat. Made from a variety of fine fibers their durability, breathability and class make them one of the nicest fedoras to own!

Types of Straw Fedoras

The straw fedora comes in as many styles and designs as the felt fedora. With both narrow pinched crowns, wide brims and regular brims, luxury decorated and simple grosgrain bands. The straw fedora mimics the styles of the original with the added feature of being lighter, cooler and more durable for the outdoors. The type of straw fedora is usually defined by the straw used in the weave. A few common types of straws used in fedoras include paper braid, seagrass, sisol, toquilla, hemp and milan.

Difference Between a Straw Fedora and Panama Hat

You probably noticed that Panama Hats look just like a straw fedora. Well, you are correct, they have a very similar shape. However, it is not the shape of the hat that determines its type. Panama hats are differentiated from straw fedoras by the fiber they are weaved from. The Panama is woven from Toquilla straw which comes from the toquilla palm. It is extremely supple and fine which makes the hat exceptional soft and malleable. It can be rolled into a wand and even holds water. Straw fedoras are woven from a variety of fibers.


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