Best Golf Hats for 2021

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Go-To Hats for Golfers

Don't be caught without a hat when it's time to tee up! Experienced golfers know all too well just how unforgiving the sun can be on the wide stretches of the uncovered course. Here at Fashionable Hats, we offer a selection of golf hats that are perfect for giving you the sun protection you need to keep you cool both on and off the course. Suitable hat styles for golfing include traditional ivy caps, breathable straw fedoras, and classic baseball caps.

Gambler Hats

Gambler hats became synonymous with golfing attire when golf legend Greg "The Shark" Norman made them a staple of his look. A straw gambler is perfect for combatting the heat as the vented straw provides breathability and effortless style. A straw gambler is well-suited to warm weather while a fur or wool gambler hat will help to keep your head warm in the fall and winter months. Gambler hats are visually distinct from other styles as they traditionally have a flatter crown and a moderate-wide brim. Pictured above, the Stetson Gambler adds a layer of sophistication to the style with a polished brown band.

Ivy Caps

Ivy caps are a favorite among golfers due to their excellent fit and timeless style. The unique construction of the ivy cap consists of a rounded shape and a small, stiff brim. Ivy caps are traditionally made from materials such as wool, linen, and cotton. Linen is particularly well-suited for the golf course as it is light and breathable. Although wool is usually considered to be more suitable for the fall and winter months, Walrus Hats has produced a line of ivy caps that come with a specialty heat retention hat liner for extra breathability, making their ivy caps wearable at any time of the year. This makes wool ivy caps like the Tribeca by Walrus Hats suitable for making a fashion statement on the golf course all year long.


Straw Fedora Hats

Straw hats are ideal for long spring and summer days out on the green. Paper braid straw is weaved together in such a way as to optimize the breathability of these hats, making them ideal for prolonged sun exposure. The benefit of a fedora style is the added coverage provided by the moderate to wide sized brims. The Paper Braid Straw Fedora Hat by Walrus is an excellent option for anyone seeking the look of a traditional fedora with the added comfort of air-permeable straw.

Bucket Hats

A bucket hat offers the utmost in utility and comfort. Bucket hats are easily identifiable by their brim that swoops down all around the head and face for maximum sun protection. These hats are traditionally made with lightweight fabric and can be worn in any season. The Washed Bucket by Kangol is available in a handful of classic colors such as the dashing yellow pictured above.


Baseball Caps

Despite their name being associated with another sport, baseball caps are undeniably a popular choice among golfers. This classic style is famous for its long brim that is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while you aim for a hole-in-one. If you're interested in the simplicity of this traditional style, but would prefer something just a bit more fashionable, look no further than the Double Play by Stetson. This modern twist on a classic style is perfect for the fall and winter as its lightweight wool construction provides just the right amount of coverage and added warmth for those chilly days.

Outback Hats

Outback hats are an excellent choice for golfing in the spring and summer months. Outback hats have a signature western style that will make a big impression on the competition. Outback hats are available in a number of materials. A wool felt Outback is perfect for golfing in the fall and winter while straw is more suitable for the spring and summer months. The Norman Soaker Golf Hat by Scala is an excellent choice for any season with its vented fabric construction.

Wide Brim Hats for Women

Female golfers will undoubtedly need a little extra sun protection, too, and a wide-brim hat is a stylish solution. Wide brim hats are available in lightweight materials, like straw, for easy, breezy wear that will keep your style at the top of its game. The Cross Court by Capelli is a face-saving model with a wide brim that juts out over the face for maximum coverage and modern style. Available with a black or white band and trim, the Cross Court will ensure that you stay glamorous from the golf range to the green.

Stay Fashionable on the Fairway!

It's no secret that a long day of golfing may leave you hot, sweaty, and feeling less than fresh. The confidence you'll feel with a fashionable hat atop your head can be the difference between an ace and a duff. Here at Fashionable Hats, we offer a fantastic selection of gambler hats, ivy caps, straw fedoras, baseball caps, and wide-brim hats to meet all of your golf cap needs. Find your sweet-spot today with a Fashionable Hat!

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