Cool Gifts for Dad: Designer Hats

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Looking for Real Cool Gifts for Dad? Try a Designer Hat

Skip the shower-beer holder, beer caddy or cell phone sanitizer- get Dad a real cool gift with actual character, style, and class, like a designer hat. It's one cool gift dad will love, and a gift that continues to withstand the test of time.

Unlike those trendy gadget gifts that he will surely tire of in just a few days, a designer hat is something he really appreciate because he will enjoy it for years to come. Fine hats like a fedora or bowler can really give his style an upgrade, and it is probably not something he will go out and get himself. So he can be pleasantly surprised.

Laughing couple
Hats are cool gifts dad will really love. They are a classy accessory that upgrades his style.

Cool Gifts for Dad (like a Hat) Makes Him Look & Feel Better

There's something about a hat that just makes a man look better-and when he looks better he feels better.

Many dads like to dress up and look good. But some dads might not put a lot of effort into their appearance or clothes. Sometimes they just lack the time and the experience to put it all together. If that's the case with your dad, a cool gift like a hat can get him started in the right direction.

Once you put on a hat your appearance changes, suddenly your style is upgraded and people start to notice. You just plain look and feel better.

Shop our men's looks now and find a cool gift to give to dad.

Hats are One Accessory Every Dad Should Own

A nice hat upgrades a man's style, whether it's casual or formal dress.

A nice, upscale designer hat-even a nice flat cap, gives a man a whole new style and a classy look that he'll appreciate. Whether it is something he will wear every day, or just when the occasion calls for something more upscale, a hat is one accessory every man should have in his wardrobe. It can complement a nice suit for date-night with mom to make the occasion more special, or add another element of style to everyday outfits.

Whatever dad is wearing now, a nice new hat can only make him look that much better. Which brings us to our next point: which hat should you buy for dad?

Choosing the Right Hat for Dad on Father's Day

So, what hat makes the perfect gift for dad on father's day or his birthday? The classiest and most popular choice today is the fedora. Fedora hats have been extremely popular choices since the early 1900s, and their sharp style and design still resonates today.

These hats are ideal for any man- from those guys rocking a classy upscale style, or the modernized, hipster look. They come in so many different designs, you are certain to find that makes the perfect cool gift for dad.

For casual looks, try a straw fedora hat, perfect for a night out, or a day at the beach. They are more casual but go perfectly with today's wardrobes.

Man in a Hat
A straw fedora goes with both casual and semi-casual attire.

If your dad likes to get dressed up, a felt fedora is an ideal choice. Get one with an accent to make his style pop. They can also be an accessory he wears on those special occasions like anniversary dinners or formal occasions.

If he travels, a crushable fedora is really ideal. These can be packed and even rolled up without losing shape. A Panama hat is crushable, lightweight and breathable so they truly are a cool gift, and absolutely ideal for the Dad who goes on tropical vacations or loves the water.

More Great Hats that Make Cool Gifts for Dad

Other options for dad include outback and safari hats. These casual, rugged hats are a really cool gift for an outdoorsy dad who needs a hat that can keep up with his lifestyle and activities. They come in all sorts of styles and designs from straw to leather. Check out our selection and see if you can find one for your dad!

Take your time and browse our vast collection of designer hats to find a really cool gift for your dad. If you need help, reach out to our customer service department. We can help you decide on a style and tell you everything you need to know about buying a hat online, including how to measure hat size.

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