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Crushable hats are a must-have for traveling. When it comes to the best vacation hat, there are easy and obvious choices like a flat cap or a bucket hat. However, if you want to travel in style, you need a proper hat. Fedoras come to mind, but they're such a pain to travel with. Unless you're wearing it on your head, putting a fedora anywhere else is a recipe for disaster. While on-board a plane, stick it in an overhead compartment, and it runs the risk of someone slamming their carry-on luggage into your gorgeous hat.

Why Crushable Hats

The perfect choice then, is a crushable hat. Crushable hats are great for travel, as you can throw them in your luggage and never worry about them getting ruined. Get to your destination, brush them off, and you're ready to go.

We've compiled a list of our favorite crushable hats for travel. We're running the gender gamut, looking at men's crushable hat and women's crushable hats too.



Crushable Fedora

I wore a fedora to Europe and again to Cancun. It's a great vacation hat. It gives you a sense of style and relaxation, but getting there was a pain. I would have tried a crushable fedora had I known they existed. Next time, this hat is on my packing list. It's awesome too because the strap comes off, allowing you to wrap the fedora tight like a sock. It's a clever design.



Crushable Cowboy

Crushable Cowboy Hat

I have a handful of friends in the Midwest who won't go a day in their life without a cowboy hat. With that wide brim, a cowboy hat is definitely one of the more awkward hats to wear on a plane. Now they have a hat to travel with and tuck away in their suitcase.



Safari hat

Crushable Safari Hat

Every time I'm at a Spring Training baseball game, I swear there are more safari hats in the crowd than baseball hats. But this is Florida we're talking about, and the sun is literally trying to kill you. The best defense against those harmful rays is a super wide thick brimmed hat. Hence, safari hats are a logical choice. I'm going to start recommending one of these crushable versions, so those snow birds can travel with ease.



Womens crushable

Women's Crushable Hat

For the ladies who like those huge wide brimmed hats, this Walrus Sundial is calling your name. It'll be your favorite travel accessory, when you can just crumple it up and forget about it in your suitcase. What fun is it to travel to the Caribbean if you have to lug a big hat with the entire way? No fun, that's what. Now the answer is here in this perfectly packable hat.




Crushable Sun Hat

This Scala wide-brimmed hat is a beach lover's dream. It's the perfect hat for warmer weather, anywhere in the Tropics, or laying by the pool. It's floppy and light, so you can throw in your beach bag and not have to worry about damaging it.

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