Mens Fedora

Few hats have made such an impact as the mens fedora. A classic hat with sophistication and style, it thrived in multiple eras growing in popularity from the 1920's into the 1960's. After a decline in the 70's it is making a comeback, possessing quite the same magnetic appeal today that it did throughout history.

Maybe it is the fedora's wide brim, or the tear-drop crown with a defining pinch. Something about it just says style and resonates with almost any type of fashion. It's a look of sophistication, glamour, wisdom, sharpness and capability.

These fedora hats are still popular with men who care about their style today. We feature a range of popular fedora hats for these men each with their own unique character and personality. From the formal wide brim fedora, a complement to the fancy suit to the casual but suave straw fedora for summer wardrobes and an afternoon at the golf club.

We searched the best milliners and brands available today like Walrus and Stetson to bring you a full selection of fedora hats for men in many different styles, colors and fabrics. Each is made from the highest quality materials like genuine wool felt, grosgrain hat bands and leather sweatbands.

This is the best selection of mens fedora hats for those looking to complete an already established wardrobe or for those who want to start enhancing their style. These fedoras capture the charm, elegance and grace of a classic mens hat. One that has survived for well over a century. The perfect way to complete your fine attire. We sought out the best fedora makers on the planet to give you the most fashionable options available.

For the man seeking a formal fedora for a wedding or to complete a dress suit we feature a white or black fedora collection. For men looking for something to complement casual wear or for a night out, we have straw and designer fedoras to choose from.

Classically designed and crafted in the same tradition of the original fedoras made popular by Hollywood elites, recording stars, world leaders, even gangsters and bank robbers. Our fedora hats are made from the best materials available including real wool felts and each is still crafted in the traditions passed down from generations.

When you wear one of our mens fedoras you will quickly understand their appeal. It is why stars like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, and other men of the golden era of fashion rarely left home without them.

Take a look at our fashionable fedora hats for men today and start on a new path to a more dignified and sophisticated you.

What Does the Mens Fedora Hat Look Like?

The mens fedora is defined by three main parts: a wide brim, tear-drop pointed crown that is either pinched to a sharper point or with more subtle indentations on either side, and the hat band, usually with some kind of bow. The fedora hat is usually made of felt, fur, or straw. Some hat historians and hat enthusiasts will tell you the name fedora really comes from the material the hat is made of felt, which means most any hat you find today is really a fedora.

Where Did the Fedora Come From?

The fedora first appeared in a play by the same name, fedora, in 1891. It was a take on a similar hat worn by German leaders in the 19th century called the Homburg. But the hat really gained popularity in the 1920's and reached its peak of adoption in the 1950's. It somehow became indelibly tied to the prohibition era and the rise of gangster culture because in gangster movies glorifying the culture the bad guys always wore them. In reality, both good and bad guys wore these hats. They were a must-have accessory, and as important to an outfit as a coat and tie. Any man with sense of style was rarely seen without one.

What are the Different Types of Mens Fedoras?

There are many different types of fedoras for men, almost as many as there are styles. The hat is usually defined by the type of pinch in the front crown and in the center top of the crown, along with the brim. There are sharp pinches and no pinches, and deep or shallow creases. Some types of fedora designs include the wide brim, pointed pinch, center dent, Dick Tracy and Indiana Jones.

There are fedoras specific to certain regions of the world like the New York and the European Fedoras. Trilby, a type of fedora, is popular in the UK and typically has a thinner brim but the same shape as the wider brimmed fedora.


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