The Best Celebrity Hat Trends - from Retro to Recent!

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Do you take your style inspiration from the celebrity set? Are your purchases often dictated by what's going on in Hollywood? It's true that you could be a slave to celebrity, but there's no shame in taking a cue or two from popular culture. That's because there are so many fashionable hats for men and women out there that have been elevated by pop culture icons to must-have and must-wear status.

Consider, too, that hats haven't always received their due. There probably isn't an entire shelf in your closet devoted solely to hats (unless there actually is, in which case you recognize the value of a great fashionable hat), but if you own even one or two you may be able to tip your proverbial hat to pop culture as your inspiration. Here are some famous examples of the best fashionable hats in pop culture.

Jackie Kennedy

When Jackie Kennedy rocked the iconic pillbox hat, people talked. People stared. People whispered. And people were definitely inspired-although that inspiration was largely centered on the iconic look that women sported in the 1960's. Would it fit in with today's far more streamlined world, where fashion aesthetics for women center largely on a "less is more" concept? Though the pillbox style is seen less frequently in modern fashion, the First Lady was also fond of floppy, wide-brimmed hats, which are still very much in. Take, for example, the Capri by Walrus Hats, which has a wide brim and a classic style that would certainly look striking with a pair of Jackie Kennedy's famous oversized sunglasses.


If you were a child or a teen in the 1990s, chances are you remember Mayim Bialik for her starring role in Blossom. Her key accessory of choice was a floppy hat adorned with some sort of large flower. It was peppy, cute, and eternally youthful. While you won't see many young women wearing this sort of hat today, there have been many women's floppy hats spotted on the major runways throughout the years. They weren't likely to have been inspired by Blossom herself, but there's some charm in wearing a hat that was considered completely cool and stylish during the '90s. No apologies needed! The Wide N' Soft - Jeanne Simmons Mocha Poly Wide Brim Hat is reminiscent of Blossom's style with its large flower and lace embellishment.



Once upon a time, Pharrell wore a rather quirky fashionable hat for men to the Grammy Awards. That hat was designed by Vivienne Westwood and was widely panned for its enormous size and goofy look. He made a statement, though. How could he not? The towering, pale brown top hat was the closest example of a men's derby hat ever spotted on a red carpet in recent memory. And it wasn't without its fair share of controversy. Why would anyone wear it? What was his goal? It was probably to get people talking and talk they did. They also bought a hat. In the wake of its red carpet appearance, sales skyrocketed. If you're looking to emulate Pharrell's quirky style, albeit, in a much less exaggerated fashion, the Scout by Scala is a great choice!


Monica Lewinsky

Let's not even stop to consider the importance of the classic black beret. This stylish and fashionable hat for women more than holds its own, and not just because Monica Lewinsky wore it when she memorably embraced Bill Clinton in public at a campaign event. It's unlikely that people associate the standard beret with pop culture and political characters, but there's no denying that Lewinsky brought the beret back to the fold. It's the ultimate cold-weather hat for women who want to wear something that won't mess with their hairstyles, but that will add an entirely new level of style and panache to their fall and winter wardrobes. The Cabbie by Scala is a prime example of a subtle and tasteful beret.

Princess Beatrice

Unless you live in the United Kingdom or follow royalty very closely, you may not realize that the fascinator is one of the most popular and beloved hats in the world. It's known more for its adventurous look than anything else. Princess Beatrice sported hers at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her look certainly turned heads. Fascinators are elaborately decorated toppers that aren't quite hats, per se, in that they don't always cover the entire head or serve a functional purpose. Yet they do have a certain charm all their own, simply because they're so quirky and curiously fashionable. If you're looking to turn a few heads, the Neverland Fascinator by Scala is the perfect accessory for your next big event!

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