Straw Hat Styles-Your Guide to Spring and Summer Hats

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With spring around the corner, and summer fast approaching, everyone is wondering what straw hat to wear. You've practically worn a hole in your favorite fedora and are concerned the wool isn't appropriate for the humidity-and you'd be right. We've come to the rescue and compiled this list of trendy and fitting men's straw hats to suit your every taste, and keep your fashion sense intact.


If concerned about respectable spring hats for men, or the best hats for summer, rest assured, this straw hat guide has got you covered as we review all the straw hats for men. We'll be looking at everything from mens straw golf hats to men's straw cowboy hats, or even your all around great sun protection hat, covering all the latest straw hat styles.


The Panama STRAW Hat

A straw Panama hat, despite the misleading name, is actually a straw hat originating in Ecuador. Manufactured goods in South America would first be sent through Panama before being distributed to the rest of the world, thus earning the name.

The value of Panama hats can vary. If you want a better quality hat, you're going to want something with a thinner straw and tighter weave. The integrity of the hat will be smoother and have more cotton like texture. It will generally cost more money too.

For men, a Panama hat best matches a casual tossed together look. Linen shirts and light loafers are appropriate attire. If you take too long to dress yourself, going for that sailing outfit or matchy-matchy look, you're probably doing it wrong. Also, a Panama straw golf hat is perfect for hitting the links.Boater Straw hat

The Boater STRAW Hat

A straw boater hat was once a casual hat which became popular among boaters and sailors, hence the name, then transitioned to more formal occasions. No longer as common as they once were, nowadays you'll rarely see anyone wear a boater hat in public unless they're singing in a barbershop quartet.

Boater hats are normally made of a stiff straw with a firm brim and crown. Some variations of the boater are so hard they are near rock-like in their construction. A medium sized hatband with two colors traditionally wrap this hat, giving it a whimsical nautical flair.

When to wear a boater hat is up to you, but more formal events are certainly encouraged. Vintage themed parties or as a Kentucky Derby hat are definitely practical uses. Another excellent choice would be for Straw Hat Day on May 15th, when historically men would switch from their thicker wool hats and transition to their lighter summer attire.

Fedora Straw hat

The Fedora STRAW HAT

When seeking a great all-around summer headpiece, a straw fedora hat is an excellent choice. The men's straw fedora is fashionable enough to accentuate any wardrobe, while the wide brim design offers distinct advantages like shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Also a fashionable choice as a great straw golf hat.

A traditional fedora is made from wool felt and is intended for colder months. While a wool fedora wouldn't look out of place in the summer, go ahead and change your look, reach for the breathable straw alternative instead.

Fedora straw hats for men are as historical as they are forward thinking and regarded by all men of great taste. They're as iconic as the gangsters who wore them during the prohibition era of the 1920s, and not to mention Frank Sinatra who practically lived in a fedora.

Trilby Hat

The Trilby STRAW HAT

Often called a fedora, the trilby is the smaller, often underappreciated, relative of the fedora. While the structure and build of the hats are similar, the trilby has a shorter brim thus thrusting it into a category all its own.

For one, a trilby gets the distinct privilege of being worn on the back of the head. There is nothing functional about this hat, other than declaring you look good and are ready to mingle. This is the definition of a fashion accessory if there ever was one. As a straw beach hat, this version of the trilby is excellent for bonfires or swaying to the ocean breeze with your feet curled in a hammock - all while looking impeccably trendy.

Still a stylish option in the UK today, Sean Connery made the trilby relevant again as James Bond in many 007 movies. Stateside, boy bands in the US in the early 90s had their moment with the hat too, bringing a pop-style flair to this wondrous headpiece.

Cowboy hat

The Cowboy STRAW Hat

In 1865 John B. Stetson was credited with the original creation of the American cowboy hat. Over a hundred years later, this timeless legend still finds daily usage in the West.

The original “Boss of the Plains" was a flat brimmed, waterproof hat, certainly applicable and functional for year-round practicality; everything a rugged cowboy would need. However, even as brutal as summer can get, we can't imagine any self-respecting cowboy swapping their trusting working hat for anything made of straw.

But luckily we're not roping calves, now are we? We're just hitting the local country bar and need to look good doing it. A Stetson straw hat, western straw hat or straw cowboy hat all scream summer fun and are perfect for bands, the beach, or the bar. These men's straw cowboy hats are all the rage.

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