Black Fedoras

The black fedora adds character and elegance to every attire- casual or formal. Add a black fedora to a t-shirt and jeans and immediately your outfit is making a fashion statement. Add to a formal suit at a wedding or black-tie event, and your now a stand-out in an already well-dressed crowd.

The hat is so powerful it is unisex. Women's Black fedoras have their own place in women's fashion, and celebrity history. Use one to make a dull outfit sparkle, or to upgrade a nice dress to fabulous. Pair one with your casual outfit and suddenly a normal day becomes something special.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Black Fedora

We have collected some of the best black fedoras for men and women from the world's most recognized hat makers like Stetson, Walrus and Dobbs. Our fedoras are made with genuine wool felt, fur and straw. Each crafted under traditional milliner techniques and designed for a modern fashionable man or woman's lifestyle.

Our hats can go anywhere. We feature the best straw black fedoras available for indoor and outdoor use- perfect for summer weather. The black straw fedoras are perhaps the most versatile around. Able to be worn with casual and more dressy clothes they come in a range of brim styles and shapes.

The dressy, formal black fedora can complement your most luxurious outfits. The selection of formal black fedoras includes classic styles in 100% wool felt, grosgrain ribbons and accents. Perfect for that formal dinner or wedding ceremony.

Whether you are shopping for a new black fedora to complement your best suit or want something stylish to wear with casual dress clothes, we have your look.

Why Choose to Wear a Black Fedora?

They are simply the most dignified and stylish hats around, and the most versatile. They go with just about anything and they make your outfits really shine. Men, there's nothing more dignifying than wearing one of the most classic hats of all time.

Ladies, our fedoras will take your style to a whole other level and they can turn that ordinary dress into something spectacular.

We feature a big range of both narrow and wide brim black fedoras in both wool and straw designed with you in mind. Pair one with your little black dress, or add it to your casual attire and make a statement.

Take a look at our offerings and if you can't find what you are looking for give us a call. We can help!

The black fedora has certainly chiseled out a place in history-now it's your turn to find your own place in the fashion elite. Shop our collection for the perfect fit!

When to Wear a Black Fedora

You should wear a black fedora anytime it complements or upgrades your look but generally speaking the black fedora goes best with a dark suit. More innovative fashionistas use this hat accessory to add style to casual outfits. Pair it with dark jeans and a leather jacket, or similar attire to add class and flair. Women can wear a black fedora with a dress, suit, or even a simple jeans and shirt outfit. Wide brim black fedoras often go great with a stylish urban outfit and jacket.

Who Wears a Black Fedora

Popular stars wear black fedoras including Johnny Depp, who is often seen sporting a wider brim version. More female celebrities including Madonna made the black fedora a part of fashion lore, and Brad Pitt sports one either in felt, leather or straw often with a darker jacket and jeans. He usually wears a narrower brim fedora, but sometimes dons the Charleston style. These hats are versatile. Hipster cool, or formal dapper, depending on how and when you wear them.


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