Emerging Hat Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

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Emerging Hat Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

The transition from summer to fall doesn’t just mark a shift from warm weather to cold. It marks a shift in our attire. Wool replaces cotton, boots replace open-toed shoes, and neutrals replace light colors.

The same is true in the world of hats. Summer is the time for straw hats and floppy brims, while fall offers its own looks. If you need help navigating the seasonality of hats, look no further than the emerging hat fashion trends for Fall 2021 for guidance.

Bucket Hats

Originally, people primarily associated bucket hats with fishermen, but this headwear came back to the mainland in the 1980s and exploded in popularity, especially in the streetwear fashion scene. Even though the trend faded after the early 2000s, it’s come back in recent years and is now a hot hat fashion trend in fall 2021.

While some bucket hats have rounded, bowler-style crowns, the bucket hats of the day embrace the more traditional “bucket” shape, with a cylindrical crown and a shorter brim. As for colors and materials, bucket hats encapsulate a wide gambit. For material, you’ll find:

  • Denim
  • Canvas
  • Tweed
  • Pleather
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl

As for color and style, you may find these hats in monochrome colors and a single logo, but you’ll see them just as often in bright, vibrant patterns. If you’re looking for more formal hats, you can find them in houndstooth or plaid or with quilted exteriors. More casual hats may bear animal print, Hawaiian patterns, or tie-dye. Fuzzy textures are also increasingly popular.

Trucker Caps

Speaking of trends from the early 2000s, the trucker cap also seems to be making its way back into the fashion world. The trucker cap differs from its fraternal twin, the baseball cap, because of the mesh material at the back and the one-size-fits-all snap in the back.

Many of the trucker hats we see out now are fully embracing nostalgia. For example, the Von Dutch hat label is still going strong, popping up on the Instagram pages of celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps are yet another style trend coming back around from the early 21st century, though they first emerged in the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I passed a law that all men over six years of age had to wear a wool hat. Her majesty’s attempts to stimulate the British wool trade made the flat cap an essential part of the “working man’s” wardrobe that has endured to this day.

The wool law still influences the material of newsboy hats, as many of them are still wool. However, they now come in a variety of other materials, like:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Denim

They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Navy blue and black are the most common looks for newsboys. However, it’s also common to see them in other bright colors or in patterns like herringbone or plaid.

Note on Flat Caps

Newsboy hats are different from flat caps. While you might see either adorning the head of a turn-of-the-century newsie, the newsboy caps that are currently trending are those with rounded crowns made of several panels that meet at a single button. Flat caps—as the name implies—usually lie flatter against the head.


Possibly because of the release of the Netflix film Emily in Paris, berets have seen a recent surge in popularity that should carry into the fall/winter season of this year. Despite the association with French couture, berets are surprisingly adaptable to a variety of different styles, in part because there are so many types. For example:

  • French beret
  • Military-style
  • Beret beanie
  • Flat-top beret
  • Beret cloche
  • Tam beret
  • Mohair beret

Berets also come in various materials; felt is the most prevalent, but you may find them in wool, cashmere, or even leather. You can get a beret in almost any color. Emily in Paris, for example, highlighted the red beret, though black will likely always be the most popular.

Balaclava or Snood

This is one of the more surprising hat trends of 2021. After all, the garment took its name from a battle in the Crimean war where British soldiers had to keep warm by wrapping their heads and faces in fabric, and the hat still has the look of a ski mask. But considering we spent the last year covering our faces, the trend does make sense.

Balaclavas you see on the runway tend to be knit and styled to match the other elements in one’s outerwear, such as a set of gloves or a pair of boots.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats have been a staple of fall fashion for the past few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down now. Wide-brimmed hats vary in size and shape. Some sport flat or rounded crowns, while others have a more fedora-inspired look to them. But all of them sport a stiffer, shorter brim than the sun hat.

Wide-brimmed hats for fall are typically in neutrals, such as tan, black, grey, or dark brown. However, don’t be surprised when you see them in a brighter color like magenta, forest green, or even goldenrod. Wool is still the gold standard for this fall look.

Cowboy Hats

Because of the bend of the crown, some people mix up wide-brimmed hats with cowboy hats. Cowboy hats usually have more of a curve to their brim than wide-brimmed hats do. Still, that doesn’t mean cowboy fashion isn’t without its own following.

In fact, several cowboy essentials have moseyed their way down the runway in recent months, from boots to fringed shirts. The cowboy hat is no exception.

Even if you don’t plan on wearing cow-print clothes, a cowboy hat is an excellent addition to your fall wardrobe. However, keep in mind that fall is the season where we retire our straw hats. Typically, you’ll want to swap to a felt or wool cowboy hat once the weather turns.

The seasons are changing, and our hats are changing with them. Whatever hat trends you prefer to follow, Fashionable Hats has all the high-fashion hats you could ask for.

Emerging Hat Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

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