Hat Accessories

Hat Accessories

Classic hats are a sign of sophistication. However, they don't have the same appeal if they're wrinkled and crushed. A hat is like a fine suit. When you find a hat for sale, it should look great and fit you well. It should also last a lifetime. Keep your hat looking its best with our wide selection of hat accessories.

Hat Stands

Many people don't know that a hat should be stored on its crown. If you rest your hat on its brim, the entire shape can be compromised. Hat stands were invented to help hats keep their shape when you're not wearing them. A hat display stand may be used in a retail store. A table hat stand can also protect your fedora or top hat at home. A hat stand vintage display can add to your décor and be just as fashionable as it is functional.

If your wool or felt hat does lose its shape, you can restore it with hat stiffener. You may need to use steam to help it get back to its former glory.

Felt Hat Brush

Felt hats should be brushed regularly to prevent dust and dirt from building up. You may not see the debris, but a gentle brushing can prolong its life. The bristles of a hat cleaning brush should match the tone of the hat so that you don't see any hairs if the brush sheds. Gently sweep the brush across the hat in the same direction as the nap using counter-clockwise strokes.

Hat Cleaner Kits

A straw hat cleaner will have different ingredients than a felt hat cleaner. Straw hats can be wiped with a moist cloth and a straw hat cleaner or mild soap. However, moisture and felt hats don't mix. Our hat cleaner sprays tackle most blemishes that are caused by water and grease. The powder-based formulas absorb stains without causing further damage.

We also sell rubber sponges that can revive the life of any color hat. However, a white hat cleaner should never be used on a dark hat and vice-versa. Keep a separate hat cleaner kit for each of your hats.

Water and Stain Repellent

Suede and leather cownboy hats can be more difficult to clean than felt and straw hats. You can condition a leather hat with oil to help it retain its texture and tone. This will also help make the hat water resistant. Suede hats can be treated with water and stain repellent to prevent water, grease and sweat damage.


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