Hats Lady Gaga Rocks

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Hats Lady Gaga Rocks

There's no one who does fashion-or fashionable hats-quite like the fabulous Lady Gaga. Visionary from her head to her toes, the iconic style maven expresses herself in a variety of ways. She's expressive through her creative sound and her out-of-this-world fashion choices. One of her favorite accessories is the magnificent hat.

Capri Fedora Hat

The most iconic of the bunch may also be the simplest. On the cover of her latest album, entitled Joanne, the songstress wears a simple wide-brimmed pink hat. It's right in line with the kind of look we'd expect of the singer, although it's decidedly tamer than her usual fare. It fits her current aesthetic - a mellowed out, chill version of Lady Gaga whose music is also reflective of that spirit. The hat was designed by Gladys Tamez, who has worked with Gaga before on other headwear creations.

"Lady Gaga, Joanne World Tour, Bell Cente" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by proacguy1

Equally popular was her pink Lady Bianca hat, which she wore while performing "Diamond Heart" on tour in support of Joanne. The women's felt hat is notable because it's absolutely coated in crystals - 9,000 Swarovski crystals, to be precise. The look was inspired by none other than the fashion queen herself, Bianca Jagger. While performing "John Wayne," Gaga sported the all-black version of the hat. While singing "Joanne," she would slip on the Lady Marianne, named in honor of singer Marianne Faithfull. Packed with personality, the camel-toned hat is adorned with song lyrics and finished with a feather.

Selene Ludovici [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

But there's more to Gaga's hat repertoire than her Joanne collection. During the American Music Awards in 2016, she "capped" off a sleek white suit with an equally sleek, fashionable hat with a wide brim and a white silk wrap. On anyone else it might be seen as overkill, but on Gaga it was presented with such moxie and vigor that it couldn't help but turn heads - for all of the right reasons. She looked sharp, bold, and completely in her element.

"Lady Gaga, Joanne World Tour, Bell Cente" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by proacguy1

Then there were the more unusual styles - those that are more reminiscent of the slightly offbeat Lady Gaga we all know so well. One year, she donned a heavily textured white captain's cap that matched the texture of her jacket - and even the thick makeup on her face. In all white, it was shockingly bright, and it even matched the white-blonde shade of her hair.

Celebrating her VIVA Glam collection for MAC Cosmetics, she pulled out all the stops. This fashionable hat for women was more of a mask with a fascinator built into the design. In all black, it covered half of her face and featured a bold topper in an unusual shape that soared at least a foot above her head.

Tsuppe [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

She's also been known to rock a patterned hat or two. There was the quirky black-and-white women's fedora hat that matched the black and white design of her sunglasses and suit. There was the silver lightning bolt-inspired topper she wore when she won a Grammy Award for "Poker Face." There was the sheer black threaded wonder designed by celebrated creator Philip Treacy. There have even been floral headpieces that wrapped all the way around her head, along with decidedly less adventurous women's dress hats in simple, even demure colors. Gaga even wore an upside down ice cream cone hat, in a nod to all things quirkily cute. And who can forget the little piece of meat she wore atop her head to pair with the infamous raw meat dress that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?

It takes guts to pull off these fashionable hats, sure. And it's true that not just anyone can throw on an upside down ice cream cone or a big, pink women's dress hat and walk out the door without expecting to turn a few heads. But in the case of Lady Gaga, we've all but come to expect her to rock out in something fierce, funny, and a little bit silly. It's all a part of the greater Gaga package.

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