How to Wear a Flat Cap

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How to Wear a Flat Cap

Wondering how to make a flat cap work for you? Learn how to make this trend your own!


Flat caps are back in a big way thanks to the massive publicity they’ve received recently. Flat caps are clearly part of many celebrity wardrobes at the moment. Samuel L. Jackson’s hats have garnered attention on the red carpet and he’s been known to rock flat cap styles from time to time. Many have come to refer to flat caps styles as “Peaky Blinders Hats” as well due to the massive popularity of the show and the stylish hats featured in its production. Flat caps are trendy accessories that can complement any look when styled the right way. The secret of how to wear a flat cap with your own wardrobe begins with choosing the right hat for you. We’re here to go over the basics of hat sizing, choosing a flat cap for your face shape, selecting the right flat cap for any season, and the best flat caps for warm and cold weather!

Size Selection


A flat cap should never look floppy or ill-fitting. The first thing to know about how to wear flat caps is that you must get the correct size! These stylish little caps are meant to fit snugly, so it’s important to select the correct size. The easiest way to get your best fit is to use a handy head measure device to find your size with ease! You can also click here to see our hat sizing guide for more details. Remember, getting your perfect fit is essential for a put-together and polished look!

Choosing the Right Flat Cap for your Face

Choosing the right flat cap hat for you is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are several factors to take into consideration. Let’s begin by examining the two most popular styles of flat caps: ivy cap hats and newsboy caps. The primary difference between these two styles is the construction of the crown. An ivy cap is a true flat cap with a flat, smooth crown that swoops down over a short, stiff brim. Though newsboy caps are generally categorized as flat caps, their crown actually has a raised 8-panel construction for a larger and fuller look. With this difference in mind, it’s important to match your hat to your face shape when determining how to wear a newsboy cap or how to wear an ivy cap style. Larger and more obtuse faces (i.e. square, oval, rectangle) will likely be best suited to the sleek and tapered appearance of an ivy cap. Smaller face shapes (round, triangle) will often match best with a newsboy cap.


Flat Caps for Every Season

Ivy caps and newsboy caps are both extremely versatile. With the variety of styles, colors, and materials for any occasion, it’s always flat cap season! We have a few style tips for an easy-breezy flat cap look that will work for anyone’s everyday style at any time of the year. Firstly, it’s important to match the material of your flat cap with the rest of your ensemble for a seamless look and to pay attention to the season. In the winter, you’ll likely find yourself wearing heavier materials to keep warm and you’ll want a nice wool/tweed flat cap to match! In the summer, opt for a linen or cloth material for your flat cap for lighter wear that will pair better with your summer clothes. 

Best Flat Cap for Cold Weather

The Shelby Wool 8 Panel Newsboy Cap by Walrus Hats is hands-down our top pick for the best flat cap to wear in winter! This stylish cap’s wool construction will help keep your head warm on those chilly mid-January days. The classic grey herringbone design is our favorite color scheme available for this hat as it is a neutral look that will pair well with innumerable outfits and styles!

Best Flat Cap for Warm Weather

The Clubhouse Ivy Cap by Walrus Hats is an excellent flat cap to wear when it’s hot out. Its lightweight, breathable linen construction ensures a cool and comfortable experience on balmy and humid days. This hat is unisex and will work perfectly as either a women's' or men's ivy cap! We love the versatile grey and green plaid design that can easily transition from the golf course to the gallery! 

Wear Your Flat Cap the Right Way!

Whether you prefer a newsboy or ivy cap style, there’s sure to be a fetching flat cap that will be perfect for you in any season and weather! Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about how to be measured for a hat, how to choose the best hat for your face shape, and some of the best flat cap styles for warm and cold weather, it’s time to give your wardrobe an edge of fetching flair when you buy a flat cap today!

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