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  • irish-hat-st-patricks-day-hat

    , by Alex Torres Irish Hat - How to Shop for a St. Patrick's Day Hat

    Wearing an Irish hat on St. Patrick's Day can be tricky business. All around us everyone is wearing that obnoxious plastic green shamrock hat. How...

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  • golf-hat-guide

    , by Alex Torres Golf Hat Guide - More Than Baseball Hats

    The golf hat is an integral component to how you play on the links, if not the most important thing. No one ever accused professional...

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  • straw-hat-styles

    , by Alex Torres Straw Hat Styles-Your Guide to Spring and Summer Hats

    With spring around the corner, and summer fast approaching, everyone is wondering what straw hat to wear. You've practically worn a hole in your favorite...

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  • fedora-vs-trilby

    , by Alex Torres Fedora vs. Trilby - War of the Trendy Hat

    With a fedora hat and a trilby being such incredibly similar hats, how is anyone supposed to tell them apart? To confuse the issue further,...

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  • fedora-hat-guide

    , by Alex Torres How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

    The fedora hat is undoubtedly one of the most elevated and classy accessories you can wear. However, there's a time and a place for classy...

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  • bbc-sherlock-hats

    , by Alex Torres BBC's Sherlock - A Look Into Their Hat Closet

    It took nearly three years, but the wait is over, Season 4 of BBC's smash series Sherlock is upon us. There's been no shortage of...

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  • pork-pie-hat-vs-fedora

    , by Alex Torres Pork Pie Hat vs Fedora

    What is the difference between a Pork Pie Hat and a Fedora? The main difference between these two hats can be seen in the crown...

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  • flat-caps-peaky-blinders-true-hat-appeal

    , by Alex Torres Flat Caps of Peaky Blinders - Hats with True Style & Appeal

    Want to know more about the hats worn in the Peaky Blinders mini series? Like what are the Peaky Blinders hats called and was it...

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  • ivy-caps-vs-newsboy-caps

    , by Alex Torres Ivy Caps vs. Newsboy Caps

    Ivy caps and newsboy caps are both a classic style choice, but many discerning fashionistas don't quite know the difference between the two styles and...

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  • importance-sizing-hat

    , by Alex Torres Importance of Sizing your Hat

    A hat can give you an aura of dignity, a sophisticated air of grace or a commanding presence. However, if it's too tight, it's just...

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  • hats-flatter-face

    , by Alex Torres Hats That Flatter Any Face

    Hats are powerful accessories. If you have ever tried one on, you know their transformative powers. Large and lovely or diminutive and daring, a hat...

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  • economics-buying-hat

    , by Alex Torres The Economics of Buying a Hat

    It's time to shop for a new hat, but you're not sure if you should be looking at a pricey, high-end choice or if you...

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  • the-utility-of-hats-and-classic-styles

    , by Alex Torres The Utility of Hats and Classic Styles

    Until the 1960s, respectable and stylish gentlemen almost always wore hats. It's hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln without his stovepipe hat or John Wayne without...

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  • fedora-hats-give-character

    , by Alex Torres Fedora Hats give Character

    What does it truly mean to be fashionable? Everyone has their own viewpoint and taste in defining their own perspective in having style. The fedora,...

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  • what-fashionable-hat-should-you-buy-him

    , by Alex Torres What Fashionable Hat Should you Buy him?

    He knows what he likes, and he buys it. From ball games and concert tickets, for example, to favorite restaurants and vacation spots, he buys...

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