Boater Hats

Did you know boater hats are also known as skimmer, basher, cady, canotier and sennit? The sun sizzles throughout the year, getting stronger in the summer. Your style should also sparkle from season to season. Summer heralds the need for fashionable accessories that help you stay poised while you beat the heat. The boater hat shields your face from the sun, adds grace and structure to any warm-weather outfit and elevates your style no matter where the season takes you. Plus, it looks great with any face shape.

Mens Straw Boater Hats

Men began wearing hats to protect themselves from the elements. Straw hats were cooler than wool or felt hats on hot summer days. The brims kept the sun out of the eyes, especially when men were boating.

Boater hats soon became a symbol of status and style. You couldn't show up at a sporting event without them. Hats are still an emblem of Kentucky Derby fashion for both men and women.

Styles of short boater hats in the 1920s were neutral and versatile. The straw skimmer hat's brim was traditionally 2 inches wide. The vintage boater hat brim was closer to 3 inches wide. The shape was the same. The flat crown was shallow, and a wide ribbon decorated the base.

Mens boater hats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Panama boater hats come from Ecuador. They're traditionally woven from palm leaves. Today, the chic crowd may use the term for any boater hat that's made of golden plant fibers.

Boater Hats For Women

The boater hat has been a classic throughout fashion history. It has graced the crowns of style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and Audrey Hepburn. The straw boater was a favorite of It Girl Coco Chanel. In fact, Chanel reinvented the traditional formal men's summer hat into a casual aesthetic for warmer weather.

Scala boat hats for women tend to offer wider brims and deeper crowns. Stand out from the crowd by wearing a wide brim boater hat instead of the trendy floppy sun hat.

Choosing a Color

Historically, college students and alumni would wear hats that sported their school's colors. Members of gentlemen's clubs would also wear the colors associated with their group.

Nowadays, men and women can showcase their style using inexpensive boater hats. A pop of color can enhance a neutral outfit. A decorative band makes any outfit sophisticated.

You don't have to match the ribbon to your outfit. The classic navy-and-red ribbon has a nautical flair that can be paired with just about anything. It can ground a breezy sundress or take jeans and a printed T-shirt to the next level.

Rules For Wearing a Boater Hat

Remember when you weren't supposed to wear white between Labor Day and Memorial Day? May 15 is National Straw Hat Day and used to mark the moment when you were supposed to transition from felt fedoras to straw hats. September 15 denoted the end of straw-hat season.

We have entered an era in which you rule your style. Straw boater hats can come out in the spring and stay out as long as the sun does. Fashion is all about creating your own guidelines. No one will take away your mint julep for shopping for boater hats for sale in April.


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