5 Hats that Make Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas

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There's a lot of cool father's day gifts out there; from charging key chains to modern facial cremes. However, yours is truly a cool dad. He really gets it, and he's not afraid to show some style. It's a unique one, unlike anyone else's-that's what makes it so cool.

So, if this sounds like your dad, skip the trendy, high-tech gifts. Get your cool dad a gift he might not expect but one he'll really appreciate and love-one of these designer hats. It's a gift that will show him you care, and that you have just as much swagger and cool as he does. Never bought a hat before? Learn how to buy a hat for someone.

Which Hats Make the Coolest Father's Day Gifts?

There's several hats that make very cool father's day gifts, but these are just a cut above the rest. Distinguished, sharp, manly and functional, each has its own style, character and feel. Find one that matches your cool dad and give him a gift he'll remember forever.

Felt Fedora

Felt fedoras make really cool Father's day gifts for the dad that appreciates style.

The felt fedora is a true classic. Manly, stylish, sharp and functional it's a proven winner. It has been adding the final touch to men's outfits for decades, topping some of the coolest cats that ever walked the earth, like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and others. It's hard not to love a fedora and it will certainly add flair and style to your cool dad's best outfits.

If your dad loves to look his best, and he likes to dress sharp, get him a felt fedora. It will only make him look that much cooler, and it's one of our favorite cool gifts for dad this father's day.

Panama Hat

For cool dads who like warmer climates, the Panama hat is an excellent gift idea.

The Panama hat is another timeless classic- and it's an extremely cool gift for dads who love the outdoors (especially in warmer climates). There's an interesting story behind the Panama. First, it is woven in Ecuador (not Panama) but it got its name because it was shipped through Panama by an entrepreneur in the 1800's. Woven using artisan techniques, a true Panama hat can hold water but is light, breathable and extremely stylish.

If your dad loves to fish, or like tropical climates, get him a Panama hat. It's one of the coolest father's day gifts for dads who want style and versatility.

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat
Bowler hats have a distinguished look perfect for cool dad's that are uniquely stylish.

The bowler hat is one of the most unique styles out there today. It was worn by both American and British working class "gents" for decades, and still continues today as part of their culture.

Also known as the derby hat, it was rounded crown with curled brim evokes a high-end sort of character that's a unique fit for certain dad's on father's day. It's not as popular of the fedora, but it is certainly more distinguishable. If that phrase sounds like your father then get him one of these. It's among our most unique cool gifts for dad on father's day.

Safari Hat

Safari Hat
Adventurous dads who love the outdoors will appreciate the safari hat.

If your dad loves the outdoors, and would rather be bushwhacking a trail through sub-tropical forest then spending a day strolling the streets of Manhattan, a safari hat makes a much cooler father's day gift idea!

Safari hats are made in many different materials including leather, felt, and even mesh. They're great for everything from chores to exploring the outback.

If your father likes to hike, explore, fish, work outdoors, or even just work in the yard, he will really love one of these popular hats. The design and function of a safari make it both a joy to wear and an indispensable hat to own.

Straw Fedora

A straw fedora goes from poolside to club, giving style to both attire.

Does your cool dad love to hang at the beach or poolside? He'll look even cooler doing so in a straw fedora or straw sun hat. Adding one instantly elevates the style of his pool attire.

A straw fedora will give him a higher sense of cool while he's chilling by the pool, and it can be worn later when he heads to the club or tiki bar. If you want dad to have max style no matter where he goes, get him a straw fedora. It's one of our most versatile and cool father's day gifts.

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