Golf Hat Guide - More Than Baseball Hats

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The golf hat is an integral component to how you play on the links, if not the most important thing. No one ever accused professional PGA players from lacking confidence or a nice crisp outfit. Confidence, as they say, is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

Aside from the standard baseball hat, which has found a devoted following on the golf course, other head coverings are available too and have been worn in varying degrees of success. What no one argues however, is that these alternative hat choices are not only fashion-forward, but also offer superior sun protection as well. So toss aside that sweat stained baseball hat and rain soaked bucket hat you're so proud of and grab one of these new bad boys of summer only true gentlemen wear.

Ivy cap

Ivy Cap Golf Hat

First conceived in 14th century Northern England, we like to think the ivy cap was the first official golf hat, but don't quote us. Ben Hogan, Payne Stewart, and recent pro Bryson DeChambeau, winner of the U.S. Amateur and NCAA Championship in 2015, are all fans of the classic style of this flat cap. With many names, an ivy cap is also called an ascot, cabbie cap, duckbill cap, or paddy cap. Whatever you do don't call it a "duffer cap" when attempting to free your ball from a sand trap. We prefer to think of it quite affectionately as a "driving cap" and you should too.

Fedora golf hat

Fedora Golf Hat

The straw fedora hat was worn by world-renowned golfer Sam Snead whose brag sheet includes winning seven majors. The fedora makes a good case as a golf hat, because its wool cousin, though thicker and warmer, is still favored by trendy and classy men in normal everyday street wear. Make the cross over to the straw version and you'll be loving the traditional style this timeless hat brings to your long game in no time.

Gambler golf hat

Gambler Golf Hat

A gambler hat is a western style hat without being as obnoxiously country like the cowboy hat. Greg Norman was so renowned for his Aussie style straw gambler hat that a unique version was created especially for The Shark himself. With a sense of machismo this hat implies you have an ace up your sleeve and will have your foursome regretting burning that mulligan on the front nine by day's end.

Panama Hat

Panama Golf Hat

The straw Panama hat, an ageless icon of casual golf fans if there ever was one. A Panama hat evokes all things tropical and heavenly, out for a stroll without a care in the world, and looking fabulous while doing it. If you can't hack it on the course, and don't want to get scorched by the summer heat in the process, nothing covers you better than a Panama. Not to mention you'll look like a rock star while smoking that cigar. Fore!

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What's your favorite golf hat? Comment below or feel free to share with friends.

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