The Best and Most Stylish Brad Pitt Hats

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Take a Look at these Popular Hats Worn by Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the most popular American movie stars. Having starred in dozens of films since his breakthrough role in Thelma & Louise, he's risen to a lofty stature among Hollywood's elite- and he certainly knows how to dress the part. Pitt is always seen in cool, confident and modern styles. Most of them enhanced by a fashionable hat like a fedora, or a newsboy cap.

Brad Pitt's Favorite Hats Capture the Essence of Style

So, what Type of Hat Does Brad Pitt Wear most often? That's not an easy question to answer. He has been seen wearing flat caps, fedoras, baseball caps and bucket hats most recently. But that is not an exclusive list, and those aren't the most famous hats Brad Pitt wears.

Pitt understands the essence of style. Just like the artistic craft of acting he's mastered, he knows real style means fully committing to and exploring your look-and a look doesn't end at your neckline. That's why he has been seen in more than one hat. From the plain but functional flat cap, to the stylishly manly fedora.

Pitt's Flat Caps, Newsboys & Paperboy Hats

Pitt has been seen wearing newsboy or paperboy hats on many occasions. They are really one of his favorite styles because they complement his look so well. He usually wears a gray plaid newsboy like this one, or a stylish flat cap.

ascot corduroy
This Ascot cap adds an authentic accent to your best outfits.
Irish flat cap
The Irish Flat Cap, with a three-panel design and tweed pattern, can enhance your style.
Shelby hat
Thomas Shelby's hat worn in Peaky Blinders is called the "Shelby".
black baker boy
Keep it simple with a black baker boy. This hat goes with just about anything including your jeans and t-shirt outfits.
The scally cap has a history, and it looks great with a sweater, collared shirt and jacket.

If you want to look just as stylish as Brad Pitt, you can buy one of these hats here, just take a look at the selection available. There's a flat cap style to suit just about any taste and elevate your look to a whole new level.


Brad Pit's Best Fedoras

Pitt also is a true believer in the fedora as a fashion accessory. He's sported one on several occasions to upgrade his outfits. He has a vast collection of really stylish fedoras in all different colors from orange to classic gray. He's also worn them in movies including Allied, where he wears a classic pinch-front fedora. He has also worn the Trilby hat, a fedora with a much shorter brim and low-profile crown shape.
Blake Nelson Boyd [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

You can look just as good as Brad Pitt in one of these stylish fedoras like the ones he wears in the classic film.


You can find a collection of great fedoras to upgrade your style as well. From the classic to the more modern looks.

The Legends of the Fall Hat

The hat Brad Pitt wore in legends of the fall was a felt cowboy hat with a slightly pinched front and upturned brim. Today, this is a popular style and you can shop similar hats that look very much like this one. Take a look at this fedora like the one in the movie.
Cool gift for dad: Safari hat
Adventurous dads who love the outdoors will appreciate the safari hat.
This hat has the same look and feel of the one Brad Pitt wore in Legends of the Fall.


The River Runs Through it Hat

Brad Pitt wears a dusty, old felt cowboy hat when fishing in the movie, A River Runs Through It. This hat had a similar shape, a pinched crown and a narrower brim. He also wore a newsboy cap, which is a flat cap with a short brim in front.

You can buy that style of fedora right here, or find that very same style newsboy cap here. They are very popular today!


You can find similar safari, cowboy and newsboy hats today for fishing or to wear out on the town.

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