What Fashionable Hat Should you Buy him?

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He knows what he likes, and he buys it. From ball games and concert tickets, for example, to favorite restaurants and vacation spots, he buys exactly what he likes and foregoes the rest. Yet even the man who seemingly has everything he wants may not have the perfect hat. With so many fashionable hats available, that's where you come in.

Selecting a hat for that special man in your life, you want one that is just as special as he is. Whether he is an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer, an intellectual or even an eclectic mixture of characteristics, there is a hat that is just perfect for him. It suits his personality, complements his lifestyle and, of course, looks terrific on him. A deft blend of superb style and flawless function, the perfect hat also becomes the perfect gift for the stylish man.

That's why we have compiled a list of hats to help you make that ideal selection. Designed with a specific type of man in mind for each hat, this list makes it easy to buy the perfect hat for that special man in your life.

Fedora Hat


A fedora is for that classic man. You know him. He's the one who wears well-cut suits, enjoys old-school music and is not afraid to demonstrate the good manners and courtliness of a bygone era. Whether he is casually dressed or attired for a big event, he just seems to exude debonair flair. This makes a traditional felt fedora like our Runabout Stetson or Jet 707- Dobbs, among several others, the classic man's perfect hat. Additionally, as it turns out, the time-honored cut of a fedora hat flatters virtually every man.

Trilby Hat


Similar to the fedora, but with a smaller brim, the trilby hat adds an extra measure of brio to the sporty man's look. He's the man who is quite comfortable with slightly unkempt hair and the shadow of a beard, managing to look ever so dashing in the process. Working in complete unison with the sporty man's innate style, our Jeanne Simmons toyo straw trilby hat 6744, for example, needs only a proper fitting to become his perfect hat. Interestingly, it's a marvelous accent to practically any man's wardrobe as well.

Homburg Hat


A trench coat, a well-fitted suit, highly polished shoes - this is the accouterments of a man who pays attention to details, a man for whom the word impeccable is very fitting, a man who wears a homburg hat. He enjoys "going out," and wants to look great doing it. That's why the homburg is his perfect hat. Sporting a crease down the center of the crown and a feather on one side, our Scala WF545 and Stacy Adams SAW545 garner all the good attention that a man who wears a homburg hat expects.

Safari Hat


A sense of adventure and zest for life define the man who wears a safari hat. A contemporary Indiana Jones, he's exhilarated by activities that intimidate others. Perhaps he will go skydiving, zip-lining or bungee jumping. Maybe he's the professor who leads the archaeology expedition, the explorer who ventures into lands others haven't even heard of, or the intrepid reporter who uncovers secrets. Wherever his thrill seeking takes him, a hat like our Stetson STW216 brown cotton canvas safari hat, with its dark hue and stitched details, will be the perfect accompaniment. After all, inherent style and great adventures are not mutually exclusive.

Gambler Hat


Nature and the great outdoors beckon to the man who loves the land. Drawn to cattle ranching or working vast acres of farmland, he's a rugged man whose hands are strong enough to handle hard work and gentle enough to cuddle his child. For him, the gambler hat is the perfect one. Equal parts manly style and precise purpose, the gambler hat's hallmark teardrop crown and sun-shielding wide brim represent him to perfection. A case in point, our Black Hawk Stetson felt gambler hat has the understated style that appeals to this man and the perfect brim for tipping his hat to you for your good taste in hats and in men.

Greek Fisherman Hat


A leader, a commander, a take-charge man wears a hat that makes a statement. That's what a Greek fisherman hat does. Reminiscent of a ship's captain's hat, our DPC MC52 twill nautical cap, for instance, boasts distinctive gold braiding coupled with embroidered gold leaves and an anchor that not only make it a standout but also proclaim the bold type of statement for which this man is known. Of course, a hat with that kind of presence makes the perfect present for this audacious man who never shrinks into the background. Fishing, boating or merely walking about town, the man who wears a Greek fisherman hat gains notice before he even speaks a word, which is exactly as he would have it.

No, he's not perfect, but he certainly is perfect for you. That's why he's so special. Now, with a little hat knowledge, you can now buy the perfect hat for him, one that highlights his best features and shows how very well you know him.

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