Can Men's Hats Cause Hair Loss?

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One common misconception about hats is that they cause hair loss in men. While this fallacy has been around for years, it is actually impossible. A hat would have to be worn extremely tight in order to cut off circulation and damage the follicles. Even if this occurred, you would experience other troubling signs from the pressure well before any hair started to fall out.

Some Hair Styles May Cause Damage

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Guys who think hair loss from wearing hats is an issue are probably confusing the practice with traction alopecia. This condition mainly afflicts women and occurs when the hair is constantly pulled too tightly. When hair bands in braids and ponytails cause extreme pressure, this force may result in gradual hair loss. Unless you're wearing Mohawk braids or a man bun tucked under the hat, the probability of losing your locks is near zero.

Do Hats Cause Hair Loss?

Braided hat

When it comes to men's hair loss, hormones are the main culprit. Male pattern baldness, which causes a receding hairline and hair loss at the crown, is a common result of hormone imbalances. For some unfortunate men, this process may occur as early as their twenties.

As the condition progresses, follicles eventually shrink, hair strands become shorter, and their texture changes. Guys who once had thick locks may discover their hair is now a finer texture. Although hair growth may eventually cease, regrowth is possible in some instances since the follicles remain.

Although many people link baldness to testosterone levels, dihydrotestosterone is actually the guilty party. DHT is derived from testosterone and the main cause of hair follicle shrinkage. In order to stop or reverse hair loss patterns, men have to control their DHT levels. Until guys better understand how hormones affect hair growth, the myth of men's hair loss from hats will continue.

Proper Hat Maintenance

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While you can't encourage baldness from wearing hats, you may get an unpleasant smell if caps are not properly cleaned. Besides being a fashion accessory, hats are designed to keep our heads warm and dry. The downside to this extra warmth is it creates an environment that is bacteria friendly.

Every time you put on a hat, the inside absorbs any sweat, oil, or hair product residue present on the scalp. Over time, this can lead to a hat that smells quite unpleasant. By cleaning your hats on a regular basis, you can keep your head and nose happy.

Can Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

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It is ironic that many people still believe the myth of hat hair loss. Hats conceal hair loss; they do not cause it. For guys who are balding or have thinning hair, hats are an excellent way to provide warmth outdoors while covering any imperfections.

In earlier times, hats were always removed once indoors, but this custom has somewhat changed. Today, it is completely acceptable in many casual settings to wear your cap while inside. Unless you are at a funeral, church, or formal business gathering, chances are wearing a hat is OK. While some hats are too heavy for indoor wear, there are a number of lightweight styles appropriate for year-round wear at home or around the city.

For guys who are completely bald, men's hats are essential for protection from sun, wind, and precipitation wide brim hats are especially good for this purpose. In warmer climates, skin cancer from UV rays is a common issue among residents. While most forms of skin cancer are easily treatable, why not sport a stylish hat and avoid the hassle altogether? Additionally, men with little or no hair are more likely to become cold when outdoors.

Show Your Fashionable Side in a New Hat

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Now that you know hats are safe for everyday wear, there is no need to sacrifice when it comes to style. It doesn't matter if your locks are thinning or you have a lush mane of hair. Hats are a terrific way to stay warm, protected, and fashionable all at the same time. From a thick leather trapper hat to a straw outback design, the right hat adds a nice, stylish touch to any outfit.


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