Trapper Hats

Trapper Hats

Men's trapper hats are a classic wardrobe staple that have serious retro style appeal. Also known as an aviator hat or bomber hat, the trapper hat is synonymous with adventurous individuals who love to be outdoors in even the chilliest weather. These hats are traditionally made of shearling sheepskin suede or leather trimmed with a variety of furs including coyote, raccoon, mink, fox and rabbit fur. These styles are still popular today, but they've also been joined by more contemporary selections in plaid, corduroy and waterproof materials.

A Walk Through History with the Trapper Hat

Both men's and women's trapper hats have been popular in North America since the days when fur trappers were busy setting up lines and exploring territory in the young United States. The origins of these striking and functional hats, though, dates back much farther. In fact, individuals throughout Central Europe and Asia have been wearing various takes on this style for centuries.

One of the most popular of these styles is the Russian ushanka hat, often known simply as the Russian hat. These hats traditionally feature a fur cap with ear flaps that can either be worn down or tied to the top of the hat. The ear flaps serve both to keep the ears warm and to provide added protection for the jaw, chin and neck. They can also provide some protection against blows to the head. Many individuals today associate these hats with the Russian military and KGB as they were worn by both organizations in the 20th century.

Stylish Hats for the Trap Line and Hunt

The trapper hats found in our store today are direct descendants of the ushankas of the Russians and cold-weather gear of early North American fur trappers. Suitable for both outdoors and urban settings, these hats make a classic style statement while providing the best in warmth for the chilly fall and winter months too. Men and women alike can be seen wearing trapper hats on the streets of America's biggest cities. They work well with a wide variety of winter wardrobe pieces and provide essential protection for the ears and neck in very cold climates too.

The trapper is such a popular style that it's even been spotted in classic cartoons. Sometimes known as an Elmer Fudd hat, plaid trappers have an indelible tie to the bumbling hunter of Looney Tunes fame. Hunters and outdoorsmen today still favor these hats thanks to the superior warmth and protection they provide. Of course, the plaid trapper is also popular in urban setting thanks to its funky, retro-infused style. Plaid styles can be spotted today in major fashion campaigns and on the heads of celebrities including Jessica Alba, Jay Z, Jared Leto, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale.

Flying Away with the Aviator Hat

The cut of trapper hats is unmistakable, but not everyone who enjoys this look wants or needs to wear an ultra-heavy hat. Enter the aviator or bomber hat, which was first worn by pilots during World War I. This take on the traditional ushanka style is generally made from buffed leather or shearling sheepskin and features a chin strap to hold the hat on the head securely. These hats are perfect for men and women who want to show off a little throwback style while staying warm and cozy in the fall and winter months.

Getting Stylish with Ushankas and Trappers

A wide variety of materials is used in the construction of trapper and ushanka hats today, and that means that these classic styles can be paired with practically any outfit or fashion look. The ultra-conservative dresser, high-fashion aficionado and everyone in between can find a trapper that meets their person style. Both genuine and faux fur trims are now available, which means that trapper hats are also available at a much more reasonable price point than they were in the past.

Of course, there's more than just style to the trapper, aviator or ushanka hat. There's also function and warmth. These hats are ideal for men and women who want to stay warm on a weekday walk in the city and keep their heads protected during outdoors adventures on the weekend too. Stylish and multipurpose, nothing beats a trapper when it comes to looking great and feeling good all winter long.


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