This Fall in Men's Hats Fashion

, by Alex Torres, 3 min reading time

As fall approaches, you're probably wondering what you could do to elevate your wardrobe. Did you know that men's hats can make a huge difference to your look? By tapping into this reservoir of practically endless options, you can take even the most basic clothing and give it a seriously fashion-forward boost. What's the best way to address men's hats fashion this fall? By keeping your wardrobe in tune with all that's trendy and timeless, of course.

We'll walk you through some of the most stylish options in men's hats for fall.

The Felt Fedora

Man in a fedora

The felt fedora absolutely killed it on the fall runways. From London to New York City, no man's dapper ensemble was complete without this show-stopping piece. The felt fedora speaks to the man whose style icons range from Cary Grant to Indiana Jones- whose inspiration for different looks is as varied as his wardrobe. The fedora is downright iconic, and it makes a serious statement during fall because that's when its functionality can be best appreciated. The wide brim and warm material both stand up to the elements, whether that's mild afternoon breeze or a more punishing evening wind. Even a little rain is nothing for this polished men's wool or fur felt hat.

Relaxed in Ivy

Ivy cap

You don't have to be a personal driver to appreciate the beauty of a driving cap, also known as an ivy cap or a newsboy hat. It's a less intense way to pull off a hat. Sure, an ivy cap will turn a few heads, but it's not overly showy. You can channel your inner Brad Pitt and pair an ivy hat with everything from a pair of jeans, a tee, and a sports coat to a more outdoorsy look. And while it may seem like men's driving hats are really all about fashion, there's more to this iconic topper than merely elevating your movie star potential. These hats also meet the demands of fall weather quite well. You can rely on a men's ivy cap to keep you comfortable throughout the season and & give your wardrobe that needed boost.

Terrific in a Trilby

Trilby man in the sunset

Made of everything from straw to wool, the inimitable trilby hat probably doesn't get the love it deserves. Even if it's not especially cold outside at the turn of the season, the trilby signifies that you're ready should those temperatures start to drop. It's a versatile style of men's hat that marries an old world aesthetic with modern style. If you admire the style of Don Draper and want to rock a contemporary version of that look, a trilby will push you and your wardrobe in the right direction. And since it's such an effortless accessory, it won't look like you're trying too hard. You're not trying at all, actually. You're just working the trilby-nd possibly even setting a trend with this stylish men's hat.

When in England

Bowler hat

Don't be swayed by the fact that the bowler hat seems more like something an English gent of yesteryear would wear. This men's hat type doesn't come as far out of left field as you might think, particularly if you consider the role it has played in men's fashion history.

Remember when the likes of Butch Cassidy wore a bowler? This hat is not all about polish- it's got some punch, too. That's the ticket if you want your fall wardrobe to be well rounded. The bowler is undoubtedly charming, what with its rounded top and its small brim, but it's also a bit mirthful in its appearance.

When you wear a bowler, you're rocking a men's hat style that's as classic as can be. That means your fall wardrobe will be more pulled together any other guy's on the block.

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