Gardening Hats and Herb Garden Tricks

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Pull your gardening hats out of storage because spring is in the air, and that means freshening up the garden and mowing the lawn. Well, spring is here and that means yard work and trimming hedges.

One of the best ways to tackle the heat and keep the sun off your back is with a hat. I once saw a guy mow his lawn without a hat, in Florida, I thought he was insane. It's just way too hot out there. So we've got some suggestions for you on what hats work best in the yard. We're also covering some simple gardening tips with how to plant a herb garden. Enjoy!

How to Plant a Herb Garden

If you're interested in starting a garden, but lack a green thumb, one of the more simple tasks you can do is plant a herb garden. Herb gardens are great for many reasons. They get you outside performing a physical activity, provide a delicious fresh component to your meal, and you'll be able to take trendy Pinterest Photos and make your friends jealous. What's not to love?

Here are the necessary steps to get your herb garden blossoming:

  1. Location - You need to look for a location that gets six or more hours of sunlight a day and that is well-drained.
  2. Dirt - It's necessary to improve the health of the soil. Adding compost is a must.
  3. Herbs - Buy pre-potted herbs from your local hardware store. This is easier than having to wait for seeds to bloom. Pre-potted plants will begin growing almost immediately.
  4. Water - Make sure the herbs get 2 inches of water every week. They'll need to be monitored more closely than a typical houseplant.
  5. Harvest - Make sure to harvest your herbs often. Keeping them pruned will create more growth and foliage.

When we planted our herb garden we selected basil, lemon balm, hot & spicy oregano, parsley, thyme, cilantro, and mint. Other options out there include oregano, rosemary, chives, sage, and dill.

Special Notes:

  • A good beginner herb is basil. The leaves wilt immediately when they're not getting enough water, then perk back up again when they're healthy. It's a good gauge for how the other plants are doing too.
  • Mint is a nasty beast. It grows like crazy and will want to devour the rest of your plants. Either separate mint entirely or make sure to be extra diligent with its pruning.

Men's Gardening Hats

For men to get the most out of their gardening hat or lawn work hat, we recommend something that will provide shade and pick up sweat. Lots of these men's hats have that in mind. Here's a collection of safari hats that will do the job nicely. If you want more of a rugged hat, canvas or khaki are good options. If you prefer to stay cooler, then a straw hat or a mesh crown is the way to go. Just know that whatever you choose, any of these hats will make your yard work chores more enjoyable.


Stetson Gable
Stetson Gable khaki safari hat


Pacific Safari


Women's Gardening Hats

Ladies need to beat the heat too when they're outside. There are plenty of utilitarian options for women, who prefer to get the job done. They can certainly wear a men's hat for that, like a safari hat, as those aren't necessarily gender-specific hats. But we like it when ladies have a sense of fashion while doing hard work. We like these wide-brimmed straw hats. They'll bring out your best while tending to the yard.


Callanan raffia straw hat
Wide Brim hat
Jeanne Simmons wide brim hat


Like the Outdoors? Find your New Hat Today!

Let us know if you found these tips helpful. Drop us a line on Twitter or the comments section below.

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