Kangol Hats

Flex your personal style with versatile headwear from Kangol Hats. Stylish and functional, these hats push every look over the top. A Kangol hat is a not just a fashion statement, is a cultural icon. Fanatically worn by hip-hop stars, rappers and celebrities, they have become engrained in modern urban culture. Part of the allure of the Kangol hat comes from their connection to well-known, ground-breaking rap celebrities like LL Cool J, Eminem and Run DMC who made the Kangol bucket hat famous, and elite Hollywood stars like Samuel L. Jackson, a fan of the Kangol flat cap.

What Makes Kangol Hats So Popular

What makes Kangol hats so popular and unique is the soft fabric. It is a blend of luxurious Angora wool that has a supple, soft texture similar to fur which gives them an incredibly unique appearance. You have to wear one to understand their appeal. We are pleased to offer our collection featuring the best Kangol bucket hats, flat caps and berets. Shop for the uran bucket hats, the 504 and 507 flat caps, the popular Tropic series including the Spitfire, Monty and Ventair and more urban styles.


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