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Many shoppers new to wearing hats ask what is a fedora hat? Classic fedora hats are one of the world's most popular hat styles. They have an oval-shaped crown that sits about 4-5 inches high with a brim running around its entire length that is straight and flat. The crown can either be tear-drop-shaped with a pinch or round with no pinch. The top of the crown typically has a center dent or is rounded, and fedoras have a leather or ribbon hat band. Our selection includes the best fedora hats for sale for men and women that complement today's modern styles.

Since you are looking to buy fedora hats online, or just shopping for a sale, make sure to find your correct hat size first by measuring the circumference of your head. We have a hat sizing chart and guide to help. When you're looking for fedora hats for sale, choose a color option that coordinates with your outerwear for daily wear or select a hue that accentuates a particular outfit.

For casual, sportswear, you may find a fedora that can be rolled or folded. Other materials commonly used for fedoras are wool, straw, cotton, linen, hemp, and leather.


About the Quality Materials Used in Fedora Hats

The distinctive shape of a classic fedora hat imparts sophistication to anyone who wears it. As a favorite choice among the style-conscious, a fedora complements ensembles with elegance and class. Fedora hats made of felt honor a long tradition in hat making, but choices today include blends of natural materials. Wool fedora hats for men and women maintain a position as a perennial favorite. Rice paper creates an attractive sheen for toyo, a traditional Japanese material for hats. Our exceptional collection of distinguished fedoras offers men and women a choice of color, material, size, and brand to suit any taste.

Fedora Hats Make a Fashion Statement with Class

Indiana Jones established a fashion trend with his famous felt hat and its grosgrain ribbon, even when he was in the direst of circumstances. Hats seem to have a way of creating a fashion statement that makes a memorable impression. Fedoras gained popularity in the early 1900s when British royalty started wearing them. But the inspiration for the design originated with Sarah Bernhardt's role as Princess Fedora in the late 1800s.

Harrison wore his fedoras with the brim turned down on wild adventures that ordinary people never experience. Movies depict newspaper reporters, gangsters, and private eyes dressed in a fedora for all of their exploits. For today's adventures at the Kentucky Derby, on the golf course, at the beach, or on a boat, our hats provide the perfect choice. The style of a hat reveals a flair for fashion that is unavailable any other way.

Choosing The Right Durable Material for a Fedora

Felt is one of the most common materials used in a classic fedora hat for men or women. The process of producing it shrinks the fibers and binds them together in a material that lasts for many years. Capable of resisting rain and snow, it provides warmth when the temperatures fall. Even in the summer, a felt hat is comfortable headwear. Cotton, as a breathable material, provides a fabric that allows air to pass through as a cool relief.

Welcoming Spring and Summer in a High Fashion Hat

Yes, you can wear a fedora in the summer. In fact, many people do--they switch to a straw fedora. Dried stalks of grain and grass provide a renewable source of material for making these hats. On a crisp spring day or a warm summer afternoon, a hat that provides protection from the sun with a stylish shape and color serves two functions. The best fedora hats offer practicality and classic styling in color and choice of material. We offer the finest quality fedora hats for sale from Stetson, Jeanne Simmons, Scala, Biltmore, and Dobbs which offer a range of styles, colors, and prices. Stetson may have created a reputation for cowboy hats, but their fedoras are equally distinctive. As a complement to casual or evening ensembles, a fedora is unmatched for its versatility.

Fashionable People Wear Fedora Hats

Wearing a fedora changes the way a person feels, and it usually attracts attention from admirers as well. Anyone who wears one can attest to the confidence that it inspires, and anyone who has not yet owned a fedora has a treat waiting. Johnny Depp frequently wears one, and his sense of style offers an excellent example to follow.

Fedora Hat vs. Trilby Hat

Hats are stylish, functional, and attractive. Wearing one adds personality and interest to an outfit. Fedora and trilby hats are among the favored styles that are timeless. Since these hats are similar, many people confuse the fedora and trilby hats because they do not know the subtle differences that make each style unique. In fact, some people refer to a trilby as a trilby fedora. This article will make it easy to identify the differences between the classic fedora hat and trilby, so you can choose the hat that best suits you.

The Fedora's History and Style

Although manufacturers originally debuted the fedora as a women's hat, it became a popular hat for men. Our selection offers fedoras for every gender.

The fedora has a wide brim that extends around the hat that is usually a minimum of 2.5 inches. The brim can be rough and look the way it was originally cut, or it can be stitched. Fedoras have a pinched indentation on each side and a front, vertical crease. Some fedoras have creases that create different shapes so that the crown has a shape like a tear or diamond. The crown of the fedora is traditionally 4.5 inches high, and fedora hats usually have a headband fashioned from leather or ribbon.

Most people picture the classic fedora as a black or gray felt hat. These hats have also been associated with detectives and gangsters. Fedoras were glamorized by many Hollywood stars including Harrison Ford, Frank Sinatra, and others in the public limelight.

Today's fedoras are available in a wide selection of natural and synthetic fibers that make fedoras functional for any season. They can provide warmth from the cold or protection from the sun. Winter fabrics can include wool, beaver, cashmere, rabbit or mohair. Summer-weight hats can be made out of linen, straw, cotton, or other lightweight materials.

Fedoras look best with a sports jacket or suit. These hats sit low on the head, so they cover the eyes.

The Trilby

Unlike the fedora, the trilby has a narrow brim that turns upward. This is the main difference between the two, but the wearer can adjust the brim, so it turns up or down on the front, back or sides. The crown of the trilby is higher than the crown of a fedora giving it a more distinguished look. When wearing one position it towards the back of the head.

Wool and tweed are the most common fabrics for trilby fedoras. The trilby can be paired with jeans or more formal attire, but the fedora looks better with jackets or suits. Since the fedora sits forward on the head and the trilby sits towards the back of the head, wearers should consider if one style is more comfortable. Knowing the differences between the trilby and fedora allows purchasers to choose hats that complement their taste, style, and personality. Browse our practical, stylish selection to find the perfect fedora or trilby.

The Difference Between Fedoras for Men and Women

Classic fedora hats have been a fashionable favorite since the early 20th century. These striking, wide-brimmed caps have been worn by some of the most notable names of the last century including Al Capone, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, and the fictional character Indiana Jones. Characterized by its wide brim, creased crown and front indentations, the fedora is a versatile fashion choice that works as well at a black-tie wedding as it does at a casual beach bonfire.

While it might be a standard-and-classy standby, the fedora also has touches of design flair. Brims range from two to three inches wide in both shaped and snap styles. A hatband made from ribbon, leather or another accent material helps give the fedora shape and draws attention to its indented crown. Buckles and feathers are often featured in or on the hatband to add visual appeal and a pop of color. Many fedoras are made from felt, but an array of other materials including denim, straw, wool, cotton, faux suede and leather are also used.

Thanks to modern style trends, you’ll find mens fedora hats for sale in a rainbow of colors. Light straw and bright colors are generally seen as more casual, summertime choices. If you're looking for a classic color choice, though, opt for brown, black or gray. Professional and traditional, these colors draw attention to the beautiful, lengthwise creased crowns and fashionable indents that characterize the fedora. These rich colors also hearken back to past times and create a nostalgic profile.

The fedora has traditionally been worn by men, but fedora hats for women are available too. Ladies’ fedora hats boast the same style features as those for men but are cut to fit the female head correctly. For women, fedoras are particularly popular in the spring and summer months when they can be used for sun protection. Fedoras have been particularly popular among female pop and R&B singers including Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, and Mary J. Blige.

Felt and wool fedora hats for men and women alike are a street-savvy fashion choice. Hats in classic colors that are fitted with ribbon hatbands are perfect for those who want to create a retro look. Hats in brighter colors and non-traditional materials such as straw and denim add a carefree-yet-edgy spin to any outfit. Many hats feature feathers in their hatbands, but other accessories can be added too. Pinning on a brooch or tucking in a flower is a quick way to customize a fedora.

Of course, a classic fedora hat is incredibly practical too. During the fall and winter, this elegant hat provides basic protection from the elements without compromising on style. Popularized by elegant celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, the fedora is also a great choice for formal occasions such as weddings and graduations. Its versatility and clean, classic design make the fedora a fashion standard that has no substitute.


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