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Our collection of golf hats online provides you with a range of styles to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a golf bucket hat, straw golf hat, golf fedora, or something else, we carry an array of options that will keep the sun off your face while also keeping you in style. 

Bucket Hat for Golf

If you can't think of golf without hearing a Bill Murray quote, perhaps the bucket hat is for you. It has solid coverage and comes in a variety of colors and materials. A braided body can make a bucket hat more delicate. It has a wide enough brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and a neutral look that transitions well when you're heading off the golf course.


Straw Hats Block the Sun giving an Advantage

Australian golf pro Greg Norman, aka the Shark, helped make the straw hat popular. His trademark style has a mesh crown to let the breeze flow through his blond locks. We sell a variety of mens straw golf hats online that take Norman's signature look to the next level. Many of the classic tan straw hats have an open weave at the top to keep you cool. Others are tightly woven to serve as golf rain hats and protect you from the elements.

Japanese golfer Shingo Katayama proves that just about anything goes when it comes to golf hats. His cowboy hat helped him get noticed outside of his native country. So did his quirky showmanship. The cowboy hat makes the wide brimmed golf hat less of a sun hat and more of a fashion statement.


The Golf Fedora

Sam Snead won seven majors and made the fedora a golf staple in certain circles. Upgrade your sporty charm with a timeless silhouette that comes in a few different materials. Knitted straw gives a soft feel to the traditional fedora. A tight weave takes straw golf hats from scratchy to suave. Step into the sun in a Panama hat or a spunky black straw fedora, which may take spectators eyes off of your less-than-perfect game.


Flat Caps hold firm on your Head during your Swing

We can't let you go without mentioning the flat golf cap. This one goes by many names, including ivy cap, derby hat and newsboy cap. In 14th century Northern England, it was more apt to be called a bonnet. In 1571, Parliament passed an act that required almost every male older than six years old to wear woolen caps. Although the act was not renewed, the trend had stuck.

By the 20th century, men were still wearing the flat cap. At that point, it was made of more refined materials and referred to as the golf flat cap or golf driving cap. This gave the impression that the hats were only worn during leisure activities.

Although some may say that this hat fell out of fashion toward the end of the 20th century, many celebrities have made them trendy. Payne Stewart often wore one with a modernized version of Scottish golf attire. He paired the brightly colored caps with bold-hued plaid knickers and argyle socks.


Function and Material

A golf hat isn't just about looks. It has to be as functional as it is stylish. If you play in inclement weather, you might need a waterproof golf cap. A full brim shades your face, helping you line up your shot. A mesh crown keeps you covered while maximizing air flow.

We offer hundreds of mens and womens golf hats in a variety of materials. Wool caps will help you stay warm in cool and windy weather. Straw and linen are ideal options for sunny sessions. Leather caps are naturally waterproof. You can hit the links looking as fancy or as casual as you want with our large selection of discount options.

What's the best golf hat? It's the one that you wear while you drive a hole in one, of course.


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