Modern Hats

Types of Modern Hats

First, let's take a look at some of the more classy type of modern hats. The bowler was extremely popular with the working class in the Victorian era. Later, the trend made its way to the UK and even the United States. During this transition of style, the bowler was mostly worn by the upper class. Luckily, for today's standard, anyone can wear a bowler and not be singled out in their class. As you can recall, Laurel and Hardy and even Charlie Chaplin wore a signature black bowler hat that is still recognized today. Often, the most common material for a bowler hat is made from wool and is black in color.

What about a fedora hat? We knew this question was coming. The fedora hat actually began from the homburg style of hat and was mostly worn by women when it was first introduced. However, in the 1920s, this trend shifted after Price Edward starting wearing this type of hat. Men noticed and followed suit to also begin wearing fedoras. Today, there are many famous actors that sport the fedora. Recently, in the National Geographic Explorer series, the Story of God, Morgan Freeman can be seen wearing a white Panama Fedora hat with a black ribbon in one or more of the episodes. Most notably, the Indiana Jones movies reintroduced the popularity of the fedora for a new generation.

Regardless of the price point, the Fedora is by all standards today, one of the most icon modern hats one can own.

Next, maybe you're more of a westerner or just like the unique style of a cowboy hat. Just take in the overall concept of the old west. Cowboy hats are still popular and just don't know how to be put down. These hats are popular all over the world, but are iconic in the United States for that "Cowboy Culture". What features do you immediately notice with a cowboy hat? This would have to be the raised crown and the wide-brim of the hat. Today, it is popular to have buckles or bows on the left side of the hat as it extenuates a modern style that has been adopted over the years. Not to forget to mention, Stetson hats are the most iconic cowboy hats and the entire hat style will always be in debt for making these hats highly popular.

Ok, time to transition to a completely different topic. Someone is getting married! It's very common to see, well, uncommon hats decked out with feathers and other fun and creative ornaments. Fascinator hats are the most convenient and relatively inexpensive hats that add a bit of creative whim, while still being respectful to the bride and groom and others around you. Now, there are wide brim hats that sometimes can be a bit overboard, but in the upper class, the more extravagant the hat, the more wealth one must hold. Now, we are not here to judge. Everyone deserves a great looking hat no matter one's situation. We hope this information has been helpful for you in the search of a modern hat. Remember, where you go and what you plan on doing, reflects what type of hat you need. Keep in mind, we offer the largest variety of modern hats at all price points to ensure you find the best hat available for men and women. Thanks for reading!


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