Outdoor Hats

The Sun Protection of Summer's Outdoor Hats

A hat is a summer essential. At once a stylish complement to any summer attire, it is designed to offer sun protection as well. Fortunately, there is no shortage of stellar examples.

Among the best of these are hats with a wide brim. Shading the face from direct sunlight, wide-brim summer hats are usually crafted from straw, providing cool respite from the heat of the day not only by offering shade but also by dint of the open weave and light weight of the material. It's the perfect hat for the beach or just for being out and about during the day. With Panama hats as a suave case in point for men and striking picture hats for women, a straw hat is definitely the summertime way to go for men and women alike.

Not to be overlooked among hats for the outdoors are those for sports such as boating, hiking and golf. Boating, for instance, is more enjoyable and certainly more debonair with hats that shield wearers from both sun and wind while offering distinctive style. Offering all these elements at once are hats such as straw boaters or Greek sailor hats, cotton or leather designs reminiscent of captain's hats.

Meanwhile, hiking and other rough-and-tumble adventures call for a hat that combats all eventualities, including heat and the sweat that accompanies it, sun, rain and even mosquitos. While that seems like a tall order, safari hats and pith helmets fill that order perfectly. Both featuring cotton as the primary material, these hats work ably in coordination with the other accoutrement of each sport.

Serving a similar purpose, flat hats are the ones most often chosen by golfers, supplying lots of style and protection simultaneously.

The Winter Warmth of Outdoor Hats

In the cold and snow of winter, warmth is paramount. While the easy choice would be to sit by the fireplace at a ski lodge, venturing out into the weather is part of the pleasure of winter sports. Moreover, foregoing good looks while engaging in these activities is not an option. That's where a hat that will keep your head warm and inject a playful fashion sense comes in.

Materials such as wool and fur are the starting point, offering cozy warmth. A matter of personal style, these hats work double time as the hat of choice for specific sports.

For instance, trapper hats feature ear flaps along with a wide brim that is close to the forehead. Covered in thick fur or fleece, these hats make ideal ski hats while being great for any other sport as well.

The Sherlock Holmes hat, on the other hand, is one that accents any daywear in a man's closet, with a wink at the literary character in the process. As the hat close'y associated with the sleuth, it is characterized by a bill both front and back. With it's menswear fabrics, from houndstooth to tweed, it chases away the cold while accenting suits and casual wear with equal aplomb.

Of course, no winter hat collection is complete without a fedora. As the classic accompaniment to overcoats and suits for both men and women, fedoras, with their creased crown and broad brim, are as elegant for business engagements as for special occasions. They are dress hats with consummate refinement, making them the polished way to maintain warmth.

Summer or winter, hats are the fashion statement with a seasonal purpose.


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