Safari Hats

Safari Hats

Longing for adventure and want to look good while you're at it? Then we have the hat for you. A blend of sophistication with a hint of the exotic, the safari hat appeals to those who have wanderlust in their hearts and sartorial finesse as their calling card.

Perhaps your idea of adventure is exploring wild animal life in faraway locales. Maybe you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, even if that hunt simply involves finding the best buys. Or maybe your penchant for adventure leans more toward people-watching in picturesque settings.


Comfort and Ease

Whatever your idea of a good time, our safari hats for men and women keep your strong sense of style intact. Broad enough to protect and shade you from the sun, and lightweight enough to keep you feeling every bit as cool as you look wearing them, these hats offer versatility that transcends their name.

Take, for example, our safari hat with double band cord. A classic look designed of raffia, this hat's wide brim and high, slightly rounded crown are just what you want for comfort and great looks. Offering respite in the heat of a real safari or casual elegance paired with cargo pants and an easy, breezy shirt for a Saturday afternoon of boating or any other outdoor activity, this is a hat to add when expanding your hat wardrobe. Plus, its time-honored style and understated good looks coordinate perfectly with a laid-back vacation vibe.

Permission to Explore

For your inner Indiana Jones, is there anything as suave and dashing as our Stetson STW198 weather leather safari hat or a classic canvas safari hat? What gives our version that bon vivant flair is its leather design. With its well-worn appearance and sleek, fedora-like silhouette, Stetson safari hats for men and women add a daring element to simple jeans and boots and chic coolness to the more upscale look of a jacket and slacks. It's a hat that bespeaks the boldness of a man who loves a risk and is always up to a challenge.

Then there are our sizzling Safari Scala hats, virtually smoldering with sexiness. The white Toyo version with a wide black cotton band encircling the crown begs to be partnered with a trench coat or a finely tailored suit. Meanwhile, the fine crocheted raffia style, with a narrow black leather band, cocked seductively to one side, offers all the animal magnetism that a hat can bestow. Either way, these hats can start adventures all by themselves.

Travel Made Simple

Of course, nothing beats crushable hats when you're on the go. With adjustable pull-cords, the DPC crushable brushed twill safari hat and the wide-brimmed safari hats in cotton, pack easily and retain their great looks. When hiking, sailing or just savoring the outdoors, these hats add individuality to your look.

Treasure Chest of Style

Whether a safari is actually in your future or you just like those rugged good looks, our women and men's safari hats offer all the style you want. You can supply the adventure.


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