5 Ways to Update Your Look with a Men's Hat

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"New Year, New You"

You don't have to be a trendsetter, a fashion model, or a celebrity to rock a fashionable hat in the new year. If 2018 is all about change and experimentation, it may be worth taking your wardrobe in an entirely new direction by introducing a few pieces of headwear to the equation. Here are five effortless ways to go from so-so to so-fabulous and welcome the new year in fashionable form.

Play Some Ball

Stetston baseball cap

When in doubt, start with something extremely simple, like a men's baseball hat. The idea is to introduce the concept of wearing something on your head regularly - and the best way to do that is with something that is so common that you won't even think twice about throwing it on. Work it into your casual wardrobe for best results. Place it on your head before you head to the gym, while out for your morning run, or as you're running errands on a busy weekend. If you have the day off, embrace the comfort of your favorite sweats and pair it with a men's baseball hat that shows off your alma mater or favorite team's logo.

Go for Flat Cap

Flat cap

If you prefer a look that's more debonair than sporty, try a flat cap. The favored hat of hunters and posh Englishmen who know a thing or two about style, this hat, also known as a men's derby hat, adds a little more polish to your look than a baseball hat. Its structure lends it a more sophisticated, grown up appearance, and it's pulled together enough to wear with anything from a pair of khakis and a stylish sweater to a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Take your cue from the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt, who've shown that it's not just acceptable, but downright cool to stride around wearing a derby without apology. The look is driven by heritage and history, and if you take a peek at the annals of men's fashion history you'll see what a major role it played in some truly memorable moments.

Favor a Fedora

Straw fedora

It's hard to ignore the fact that among men's hats, fedoras take precedence in terms of both popularity and notoriety. Don't be fooled by the bad rap this popular style occasionally receives, though. It's worth adding a fedora to your collection of fashionable hats, if only to have the option to wear it when you're feeling a little more adventurous than usual. The fedora has the great advantage of being more versatile than the average dressy hat for men. That means you can really wear it whether you're dressed up or down. Don't mistake "down" for sloppy, though - it's worth complementing this piece of headwear with an ensemble that nods to its overall polished appearance. Whether you're wearing a crisp, casual suit or a zip-up cardigan and a pair of jeans with loafers, you can easily add a fedora to the mix and step out the door a complete style winner.

Head to Panama

Panama Hat

You know you've got it made when your fashionable hat of choice is the beloved panama. This is the type of men's hat that doesn't receive nearly the attention it deserves. You've probably spotted it while on vacation or at the beach. It's the quintessential accessory for a day spent waterside, but there are other ways to do this casual cap, too. First, recognize that it's completely classic, and therefore anyone can wear it. It's got a relaxed sensibility about it, so if one of your goals for the new year happens to be more relaxation...well, here's a great way to fulfill that one and check off "be more stylish" at the same time. Try it with jeans, a simple T-shirt, and an open button-down shirt if it's a little brisk outside. On a warm, balmy day, a panama hat looks great with a pair of baggy shorts and a tank - or no shirt at all.

Add Some Class

If 2017 was all about lazy dressing, make this the year you embrace a more well-rounded look. That starts with a handsome, fashionable hat that looks like something a dapper gentleman of yesteryear might have worn without apology. The homburg is a favorite that earns major style points for its effortless yet smoldering appearance. Take in the distinguished width of the gently rounded brim, the perfectly formed top that negotiates the curves of your mane without destroying your hairstyle. Although you've probably spotted it on Snoop Dogg in the past, you don't have to be a world-class rapper to pull off this look. Throw it on before you head out the door. Paired with a tailored raincoat or blazer and crisp trousers, it's the easiest way to polish off your everyday look - and won't you look amazing coming into the office with this on your head?

There are many ways to rev up your style in the new year. If you're ready to embrace change and elevate your look, why not try a new hat? Even just one or two of these stylish pieces will tip your wardrobe in a different direction. Remember, 2018 is the year of the new you. Make it happen!

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