The Best Hats for Weddings

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Wondering what to wear to the big wedding? Top off your look with the perfect hat!

When wedding bells are in the air, you'll want to look your best, whether it's your own special day, or you find yourself cast as a bridesmaid, groomsman, or simply an honored guest. Weddings tend to be very formal occasions that call for the utmost in style and tastefulness. Wearing a hat to a wedding is an effortless way to give your formalwear an immediate upgrade. Today, we'll talk about the best hats for weddings and what styles will be best suited to the occasion.

Fedora Hats

The fedora is a classic style that is well-suited to pairing with dressier attire. Fedoras make a subtle, yet powerful statement and are perfect for spiffing up your look without worrying about upstaging the bride and groom. These traditional men's wedding hats are available in a variety of colors, making them perfect for mixing and matching! Try a black fedora with a crisp blue suit, or pair a beige suit with a brown fedora for a classy and coordinated look! We recommend the Freemont by Walrus Hats as this gorgeous wool fedora is available in a variety of colors.

Homburg Hats

Homburgs are very similar to fedora hats, with several key differences. A homburg hat features a deep center crease in the crown as well as a curled brim that puts it in a class of its own. While both hats rose to prominence in the late nineteenth century, the fedora has been incorporated into more modern fashions, leaving while the homburg has retained its retro charm and has remained a classic look that harkens back to a time when gentleman regularly sported these dapper hats. A homburg is an excellent choice for a more formal wedding as its vintage look will be right at home in the swankiest of settings. For wedding guests, we recommend the Dashing by Scala as it is available in four colors to mix and match with any suit and also features an eye-catching feather to give your look a little something extra!

Panama/Straw Hats


Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular over the years as couples have become more adventurous in their choice of venue. If you find yourself on the guest list for a wedding at a park, beach, or botanical garden, you'll want to dress both for the occasion and for your own comfort in an outside setting. Even if you find that hot weather is anticipated for the day of the ceremony, don't do yourself the disservice of skipping a fashionable hat as part of your ensemble! There are a number of straw and Panama weave hats available in classic styles to keep your style and your body feeling fresh and cool. Our favorite straw hat for a wedding or formal occasion is the Rosebud Straw Fedora by Dobbs! This beautiful little hat packs a bold punch with its bright and cheerful colors that make it perfect for wearing with a colored suit or blazer.


Looking for the perfect wedding hats for women? Look no further than the fascinator! Fascinators are not traditional hats, per se, but they are certainly the utmost in elegance when it comes to women's headwear. A fascinator consists of an elaborate design attached to a comfortable headband or clip. Fascinators traditionally have floral or feather-plumed styles and are a delightfully delicate addition your bridesmaids will love! The Neverland Fascinator by Scala is perfect for weddings as its black tone will pair well with a multitude of dress colors!

Top Hats

How could we possibly write an article on hats for weddings without mentioning the classic top hat? This bold and towering style should certainly be reserved for the classically-inclined grom. A top hat is the ultimate in men's formal headwear and will be perfect for grand weddings that have been elaborately planned with impeccable attention to detail. We can recommend nothing but the best top hat for a groom on his big day and we think that the fine quality of the Christy's of London Fur Felt Top Hat. This exquisite top hat is perfect for any groom with a taste for the finer things in life!

Make this Wedding the Hattiest day of your Life!

Modern wedding trends are all about subtle statement pieces and cohesive ensembles. A hat is the perfect topper for any polished look and is just what you need to be the best-dressed guest at any wedding! Whether you're a groomsman looking for a classic and understated fedora or homburg, a bridesmaid in need of a fine fascinator, or a groom seeking a top-quality top hat, look no further than Fashionable Hats!


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