What Hats Should You Wear in Europe?

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Going on a European vacation is nothing short of a dream for most people. World travelers heading off on the getaway of a lifetime know how important it is to pack a wardrobe that matches their excitement. Of course, great clothes are nothing without killer accessories - and that includes a few fashionable hats. But what exactly should you wear for a jaunt to Europe? Consider these helpful styling tips.

Go for Posh


Nothing says "I'm a tourist!" like a baseball cap featuring your favorite football team's logo. Consider wearing the opposite of the casual men's baseball hats that you usually sport on your home turf. Men's and women's fedora hats, for example, set the tone for a glamorous European getaway and suggest that you really know how to dress for an occasion.

Women's straw hats are also an especially popular option for blocking those harmful ultraviolet rays. They look so chic when you're sunning on the Riviera or strolling through a charming Mediterranean town.

Remember the Rain

If you plan to spend some quality time in the United Kingdom, chances are you'll have an encounter with rain at some point. Don't let the wet stuff get the best of you. Men's and women's rain hats can be quite posh when you opt for styles that don't come from Paddington Bear's closet. Think smart and stylish-a fedora, again, looks amazing whether you're wandering Dublin's cobblestone streets or navigating a busy sidewalk in the West End of London.

Women's bucket hats, meanwhile, also channel some serious European grace. In fact, they were often worn in Ireland in the early 20th century for rain protection. Today, you'll find them in myriad colors and materials to suit different occasions and environments.

When in Rome

If you want to make like a royal, you may have to simply give in to temptation and invest in a fascinator hat. Seen at many a regal wedding, this creative headpiece adds some unusual flair to any outfit and gives you an instantly glamorous look that would make even Duchess Kate green with envy. Gents who want to be equally adventurous and channel some royalty themselves might consider the almighty men's top hat for a special occasion.

Nothing could be more formal or debonair, and this is a bold hat that will undoubtedly turn heads the moment you enter the room. A cloche also makes a sensibly chic choice for women, in large part because they draw on the sassy style of the Roaring Twenties.

Your Inner Adventurer

If your European adventure involves indulging your inner Indiana Jones, you will need something along the lines of a men's safari hat. Of course, you don't have to wear that style in particular-any protective, practical hat will do. A Greek Fisherman's hat, for example, is a stylish choice that makes the grade for any activity that takes place on or near the water.

Whether you're taking to the seas or simply wandering by one, you'll appreciate the protection this fashionable hat provides. Here, too, a women's bucket hat works nicely because it provides some protection from the elements. These are available in a wide range of materials, from basic cotton to sturdy straw, so you can tailor your choice to your activities. If "adventure," by your standards, involves taking long, leisurely strolls and admiring the scenery, well...who can blame you?

Europe is an amazing place, and there's plenty to see. Complement your inner adventuress by slipping on a wide-brim hat that blocks harmful rays from your face and eyes while also keeping your hair in check. Try one made from wool felt, if you're in a cooler environment.

Spending time in Europe is as much a travel must as owning a hat is a fashion must. Get into the spirit of the trip and pack along a few fashionable hats - you're guaranteed to look like you belong.

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