Hats For Rain

What To Look For In Hats For Rain

The best materials for a rain hat repel water. A hat that soaks up moisture will only be a hassle to wear and store. An absorbent hat is a haven for mildew and may not be durable enough for what you need.

Many synthetic materials are water resistant. So are treated natural materials, like wax cotton and oilcloth cotton. A breathable outer shell will help moisture roll off the hat and stay away from your face and hair. Weatherproof hats are the way to go when it comes to gray days.

For those especially blustery days, you might want a hat that comes with a chin strap. It will stay put no matter what you're doing. These type of hats are ideal for sporting events and taking part in adventurous activities.

Can you wear a Panama hat or a fedora in the rain? That's up to you. Some straw hats are tightly woven and impermeable. Those made from palm leaves hold up especially well to wet weather. However, porous straw can expand as it soaks up humidity. Felt fedoras were designed to be worn in the rain. Avoid the temptation to hang a wet fedora on a narrow hook. This could cause it to lose its shape.

If your hat becomes sopping wet, let it dry naturally. Wipe a straw hat off with a dry cloth before leaving it out to dry. You can flip out the sweat band and use it as a base on which to stand your hat. Resting your brim against a hard surface can make it warp or lose its shape. Set it on a towel while it airs out. Using heat to dry your hat may shrink it.

Bucket Hats for Rain

Many bucket hats are available for men and women. They come in pliable materials with medium brims. These hats tend to fold up neatly, and you can even store them in your pocket for quick and easy access. Just pull them out when the weather turns dreary. On the flip side, these styles keep you cool and shaded when the sun comes out.

Fashion Rain Hats

If you're not willing to compromise on your strong sense of style when there's a cloud cover, reach for a structured style that looks great rain or shine. Safari hats and outback hats offer sophistication along with rain protection. The wide brims shield your head and shoulders from downpours. The trendy styling goes well with any outfit.

Women can bring vintage appeal to their modern wardrobe with cloche hats. These feminine head coverings conform to your crown, and you can tuck up your short hair or up do. The rounded silhouette is flattering on everyone. Although cloche hats feature narrow brims, they can instantly update your look and perk up bleak days.


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